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How to Unlock iPhone Without SIM Card / Activate iPhone

Today we are coming with a new and very important topic”How to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card (Activate iPhone).Everybody knows that iPhone is one of the most popular and expensive mobile devices in the world. When we buy this device we face many problems and unlock iPhone Without SIM Card is one of that problem. Because  Activation is the most important process to be performed before you start using your iPhone. If you don’t perform this action then there is no meaning of using iPhone. But We a common question that’s how to Activate iPhone without sim because we have needed a sim card to unlock an iPhone to start their features. Now I will tell you, how to unlock iPhone without sim via this article, read this article and try the methods.How to unlock iPhone without sim

Normally when you will need a SIM card to activate all the iPhone settings for iPhone usage. Because Apple Inc normally doesn’t allow people to Unlock iPhone without a SIM card due to its security reasons. iPhone users activate iPhone by signing up with the iPhone service carrier in your area and registering iPhone with the network. Without iPhone activation, people are not allowed to do anything except for dialing the emergency call. In some cases, people search on the internet to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card.

Do you know there is a way also to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card?? we will discuss the complete method to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card or Activate iPhone Without SIM Card. We discuss 3 methods of unlocking or Activate iPhone Without SIM Card.

Method 1:- How to Unlock iPhone without SIM Card on iTunes?

It is really a very simple and easy method to activate iPhone on iTunes. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open your iPhone and start the iPhone setup process. During the process, select a language and a region. You can also choose a Wi-Fi network and so on.
  2. . Now after that Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. Once connected, iTunes will automatically recognize this new iPhone.How to unlock iPhone without sim
  3. Then you have to Select “Set up as a new iPhone” and click “Restore” button.How to unlock iPhone without sim
  4.  Then the activation will go to progress in iTunes. And the iPhone activation without SIM card setup will start.How to unlock iPhone without sim
  5. Now Your iPhone Unlock Successfully. Continue now.How to unlock iPhone without sim
  6.  When it is completed, you will be required to set up more options on your iPhone, such as “location”, “Create a Password”, “Apps & Data”, “Apple ID” and so on. You Can Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone/Unlock iPhone.  How to unlock iPhone without sim    
  7.  When all the setting became done Then you can see your process for iPhone activation without SIM card has been completed. Now you have to click on ‘Get Started’ button to enjoy the new phone. So you find that you can also activate your iPhone.

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Method 2:- How to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card by Using Emergency Call Feature?

We all know that sim card is available or not the network is present or not. But we can do emergency call in all condition. The same is available in iPhone also You can make an emergency call without activating the iPhone. This feature becomes the advantage to us.By using this feature we can also unlock iPhone Without SIM Card. Below are all steps.

Steps To Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

  1. Start your iPhone Without activation, you could only make an emergency call. When you click on ‘Home’ button there you will see the three options on the iPhone screen: ‘Emergency call’, green ‘Start over’ button and ‘Cancel’.
  2.  You have to just Type “112” and make a calling. But pay attention, Once you made the calling, then press “Power” button on your iPhone immediately. When the calling screen appears, you have to need to click “Cancel” to stop this call.
  3.  When the call is canceled, you will enter into the home screen on iPhone. Now your iPhone successfully activated by using Emergency Call feature on your iPhone and you can set up your iPhone freely.

Method 3:- How to  Unlock iPhone Without SIM Card by Jailbreak?

The third and last method is by applying jailbreak to unlock iPhone Without SIM Card. First of all Download a jailbreak software beforehand. Here Redsn0w is mandatory. (because Redsn0w is perfect for an older version of iOS. If your iPhone has a newer version of iOS, you can choose another jailbreak tool such as Pangu. The process for this is also same.) Download iOS 6.0 or 6.1.2 IPSW firmware. (If needed, you can download also the newer version of firmware for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.) after installing just follow the given steps.


  • Unzip the redsn0w tool and open it. And you can see the jailbreak scene. Click “Extras” button.
  • . Now click on“Select IPSW” and select the iOS 6.0 or 6.1.2 file you’ve downloaded in step 2.
  • When you select the firmware, then click “Back” button and click “Jailbreak” option to install Cydia.
  • Click “Next” and you will see “Install Cydia” button. Just click to proceed ahead.
  • Now Just read and follow the instructions on the screen to enter DFU Mode. (Just hold the “Power” button for 3 seconds).
  •  When your iPhone is detected in DFU mode, it will show “Exploiting with limera1n”.Which means that your phone will restart soon.
  • And when the ramdisk uploading finished, then it confirms that your iPhone has been successfully jailbroken. Activating iPhone without SIM card is finished now. Restart your iPhone again. And you get will enter the home screen on iPhone.

Friends if you follow step by step the above step then you will sure unlock iPhone Without SIM Card. So, that was the three methods to unlock or Activate iPhone Without SIM Card.

Final Words:

This article was about How to unlock iPhone Without Sim Card. I hope you liked this article, and find it helpful to activate iPhone without sim. If you like it then share this article with your friends and help your friends to unlock iPhone without sim. Thanks