Best Anime Series that you want to watch online free here a list of that free Latest Anime Series. I am right you are Anime Lover if you come on here but you confused which anime series are best to watch online free. Top latest anime series collection you get here that include the popular Top and Best Anime series show like Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan and No Game No Life much More. Every year you see the growth of  New Anime Series in terms of US Anime.

US anime can refer to any anime which Animated movies made by Japan. Few Japanese and western culture style Animated Movies include in this US refer to Anime.  These adults theme story that featured Japanese propensity in animation. These oppose the western anime that primarily at children as well as colorful style and fantasy-oriented of Japanese animated visuals. You can Watch online free Movies here

List of Best Anime Series forever: Latest Anime Series


Dragon Ball ZOne Piece
Sword Art OnlineTokyo Ghoul
Blue ExorcistSteins; Gate
Akame Ga KillNo Game No Life
ParasyteDragon Ball
Samurai ChamplooPokémon
TrigunAssassination Classroom
Rurouni KenshinFate/Zero
Psycho-PassHigh School of the Dead
Future DiaryMagi
Black ButlerOuran High School Host Club
Food Wars: Shokugeki No SomaKill La Kill
Hellsing UltimateAvatar: Legend of Korra
Your Lie in AprilFate/stay night
Haikyuu!Death Parade
Maid SamaMy Hero Academia
Dragon Ball SuperCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Sailor MoonClaymore
Black LagoonD Gray Man
Fruits BasketGin Tama
Spice and WolfOverlord
Blood LadCase Closed
Akatsuki No YonaHellsing Ultimate
AnotherFairy Tail Zero

Dragon Ball Z: 

Dragon Ball Z, one of the Best Anime Series that gave a turning point on anime. This Best Anime Series Directed by  “Daisuke Nishio” its first episode released on 26 Apr 1989  that best anime series became famous in few months and Dragon Ball Z’s lovers unit increased day by day. If you forgot to watch this best anime series then first you watch it I hope you like it and you also become its lover. Its color and animation are awesome.

Best Anime Series: Latest Anime Series good Anime


Series Director: Daisuke Nishio

Series Organization: Takao Koyama
Planning: Kōzō Morishita
Character Design: Minoru Maeda & Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
Art Design: Yūji Ikeda & Ken Tokushige
Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi

Sword Art Online

Sword Art online a Japanese Best Anime Series that released in October 2012. this best anime series is the latest anime series that became popular quickly in few days. It is produced by an anime television series that name A-1 Pictures. If you missed this latest Anime Series then go an and watch now this best anime series.

Best Anime Series: Latest Anime Series good Anime


Series Director: Tomohiko Itō.

Written: Nori
Arranged: Furukawa Takahiro

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese | English

Release Date:  7 July 2012


Pokemon is another Japanese best anime series that the popular in the international market. Pokemon’s Broadcasting approx 98 countries worldwide continuously after its releasing. It comes on the list of top Anime series from the Best animes which have stable that place on top ever in best animes. pokemon got the credits to make animes popular on worldwide. Never be you bored when you watch this best anime series because its really good anime series that make with unlimited entertainment. one can’t break this awesome and best animes record.

Best Anime Series: Latest Anime Series good Anime


Series Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

 Written: Takeshi Shudo

 Music: Shinji Miyazaki 

Studio: OLM, Inc.  

Release Date:  April 1, 1997 

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate another best Anime Series which is the story of  Professor Abraham Van Helsing that is a imagine Character of a Novel named Dracula. Dracula a Horror Novel. That novel very popular and famous because its story makes the gothic horror story. Many Movies made on this story but Anime series best than that movies. This anime television series Directed By Umanosuke Iida. I think you also like this Horror Anime Series.

Best Anime Series: Latest Anime Series good Anime


Directed By: Umanosuke Iida
Written by: Kouta Hirano

Published by: Shōnen Gahosha

Demographic: Seinen

Magazine: Young King

Original run: 2001 – February 15, 2006

Future Diary

Future Dairy is a Manga Anime Series that directed by Naoto Hosoda and Written by Sakae Esuno. Manga is Japanese Comics that Written in the Japanese language. This Best anime series Rubella on 26 Nov  2008 that released by TV Saitama. This latest anime series really awesome when you watch this good anime you will forget your surrounding what happens where. I Think one time you want to watch this good anime from best animes.

Best Anime Series: Latest Anime Series


Directed By: Naoto Hosoda
Written by: Sakae Esuno

Published by: Kadokawa Shoten

Demographic: Shōnen

Magazine: Monthly Shōnen Ace

Original run: November 26, 2008


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