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Best Free Password Manager | No Need To Remember Password 2019

Latest 5 Best Free Password Manager for you. We bring the Best Free Password Manager with the latest technology. If You are searching for the best password manager, then you can try the given Latest 5 Best Free Password Manager which in this article.

Lots of people think why we need it to manage our password we can remember our password but it’s not true you can’t remember your every password if the Password really strong. Because a Strong password contains via Upper case, Lower case, Symbol, and Numerical, These all things are used to make a strong password. that’s very hard, to remember a strong password. So, Guys, We have needed a Password manager to store your every password like Facebook, Twitter, and more Social media sites password, your Net banking password also whatever. Best Free Password Manager helps us to safe & save our password.

Latest 5 Best Free Password Manager


Password Manager:












Sticky Password

AES‑256 encryption

Automatically fills in forms for you

100% intuitive use

Optional manual offline synchronization

Synchronization via local Wi‑Fi

Practical backup


security alerts

Password autofill

Generate strong passwords.

Auto-change passwords in a click


Generate strong passwords

One click Logins

Strong security

Audit your passwords

Import and export

Fill web forms fast

Encrypted text notes

Emergency Access

Around the clock support

KeePass Password Safe

Strong Security

Multiple User Keys

Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility

Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files

Import From Many File Formats

Easy Database Transfer

Support of Password Groups

Time Fields and Entry Attachments

Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key, and Drag&Drop


LastPass is the best password manager for PC users, its available in form of Browser Extension just click on Addon and add it to your browser. it has a collection of best password managing features for you to manage your password it has two different versions free or Premium with different numbers of login and features. If you want to just try it then you can go on its free version otherwise move on to the Premium version Best Free Password Manager with their Premium features. Its free version also provides the store your text file with encryption and other data but premium version provides it with cloud storage.

LastPass Password Manager offers a master password for its Vault that is protected by multi-factor authentication. its make a target for the criminal to steal their data but it’s very rare to break its security because break an Encrypt security and master password are not easy. so can go up to its Best free password manager for pc.

   Best Password Manager

   Download LastPass

LastPass‘s Features and their Work

ONE MASTER PASSWORD: LastPass Provide one master password option when you save your data in LastPass then you have need to login only LastPass Account on the browser your all data automatically comes in the browser with the save pass and save your time to log in everywhere.

ONE CLICK LOGIN: Just now I have described it on upper option just go and login in LastPass and your everything auto login in your browser which Synchronized with it.

SECURE YOUR DATA:  You can secure your data with its Encryption System upload your text file and Encrypt with it that secured because it has multi-factor Encryption system.

SYNCHRONIZE ACROSS BROWSERS: The LastPass Synchronized your data from every browser Where you installed its Extention

STORE SECURE NOTES!: You can upload your notes with its Encryption and do secure your Notes

SHARE WITH FRIENDS: LastPass offers to you that you can share your data with your friends which you want to share. Just give your LastPass Id to your friend.

IMPORT/EXPORT YOUR DATA: I Hope you knew it but I still want to tell you, it provides an Import/Export Feature that is used in download or uploads your secure data.

PHISHING PROTECTION: Sometimes hackers send a fishing link and tell openly that link and accidentally we open it then that ask to fill the detail while LastPass decline the autofill request, now you can see that’s not a real site. and it protects your data from Phishing.

IDENTIFY WEAK PASSWORDS: We want to make a strong pass but we don’t know, how to make a strong pass that time it helps to identify weak password and give suggestions.

Sticky Password:

Sticky password another Best Free Password Manager For PC Which is provides a strong Password generator with the highly secure Encryption system that’s AES-256 Encryption this is the that Encryption system which is used by Military. It offers to you their free version with a Password manager, Autofill, Form Filling, Biometrics, Suoer Secured Data, and Two Factor Authentication.

If you want to try Premium Version then you can be enjoying its additional premium features that are Cloud Backup, Cloud Sync, Local Wifi Sync, Saving Endangered Manatees, and Priority Support. No one knows your Master Password even Sticky password also only you know your master password which you set during the setup of the Sticky Password. Its Safest and Best Free Password Manager For PC you can try it for free if you like after that you can buy its premium version of Best Free Password Manager.

Best Free Password Manager

   Download Sticky Pass

Sticky Password’s Features and their Work

AES‑256 encryption: It’s a World’s Leading high standard Encryption system which is mostly used by all Govt. NASA and Military also

Automatically fills in forms for you: when you fill a form then it will fill your all detail in a form which detailed filled by you in your form and Sync by the Sticky Password manager

100% intuitive use: it gives us a strong password, powerful security, with auto filling our details

Optional manual offline synchronization: If we use this option then it will work when the application offline and it stored our data on the local disk.

Practical backup: It stored your database and password which is your previous version. you encrypted data available on its cloud if you lose your device or data then you stored it if you want.

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Dashlane also comes in the list of Best Free Password Manager For PC because of its other best password manager for the computer. It generates always unique password to make you strong in the case of security and identity of yours. When any site suffers breaches it sents instant straight security alert on your mail, PC, and Phone. Dashlane Best Free Password Manager changes your password instantly at on one click to secure your data. Neither a hacker, Govt nor Dashlane breaking its system could access your data without knowing the master password.

So its have the really amazing technology to secure your data and help us remember and manage our passwords with Best Free Password Manager. It provides its app for MAC iOS and Android Also.

Best Free Password Manager

   Download Dashlane

Dashlane‘s Features and their Work

Security Alerts: Dashlane provides security alerts feature that gives direct information to you via Phone SMS or notification on your PC when someone trying to crack or open your account and teasing with your data.

Password Autofill: It also provides the autofill option like another Best Password manager.

Generate Strong Passwords:  It Provides an option to auto-generate a strong password to make your security strong.

Auto-Change Passwords in a Click: Just click on Password Changer and you will do it instantly change your every password which you want.

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RoboForm also one of the best password Manager with many Amazing options which mostly free for you but some options are paid so you have to need the paid subscription for whom. It offers to you fill your form auto when you have to need your billing address and other information which you want to fill, just fill one time and secure that info with RoboForm.

Sometimes we want to purchase some products online and that time we have to need to fill our information for the place our order then we can use its autofill feature and save our time and one more thing its totally safe and secure because it has private our any info. No one can’t access to our data because first of all, they have to need the master password that only we know. Therefore it is the best free password Manager.

Best Free Password Manager

   Download RoboForm

RoboForm’s Features and their Work

Strong Encryptionit gives strong security encryption with AES 256 bit Encryption that protects your data from like brute force and Dictionary Attack.

Audit your passwords: It Provides this feature to Audit your password that makes it Best Free Password Manager.

Import and export: We talked about it in Another Best Password manager it works in same as.

Fill web forms fast: It also provides an autofill option to fill web form fast and save your time.

Encrypted text notes: You can make notes and encrypts these with its Encryption System to secure your notes.

Emergency Access:  it Gives to you permission to add trusted contact which can use your data after your death or incapacitation and recover your account Easily.

Around the clock support:  RoboForm provides this feature for premium users that gives to you help line 7*24*365 and it gives another option to chat 9 AM to 6 PM. 

KeePass Password Safe:

KeePass Password Safe an award-winning best free password manager which recommended by many Cyber Security Agencies to make safe yourself from cyber attack and save your data from hackers. Mostly the international companies used it to remember their account’s password to make secure their data from hackers and save their time to access any account just login with KeePass Password.

It has a long list of awards given by many Companies. We also recommended it to you. It provides multiple user key feature to make more secure that will be described in the feature section. Download id and try, If you like KeePass Password  Safe best free Password Manager then write your opinion in the comment section.

Best Password Manager

   Download KeePass

KeePass Password Safe’s Features and their Work

Multiple User Keys: You can create multiple user keys to unlock security that is secure more than master password so you can be used it in the place of Master Password. But one thing that you have in your mind you have to need to carry these key files in your disk or PD.

Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility: its a portable software no need to installed it you can carry it on your USB Disk and run it directly without Installation. 

Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files: It offers Many different formats to Export your Data files to store on your disk and make secure your data.

Easy Database Transfer: It makes a single Database file of your Password which is easy to carry and transfer from one PC to Another.

Time Fields and Entry Attachments: It Provides this Feature to record work time like last Modification, Expiration time etc. That is Support to you make your data secure because you can found out “no one else tries to access your account” with the help of this feature.


This Article was about Best Free Password Manager. I hope you like these best password Manager for pc. If you have any problem with using these best free password manager then comment on your problem in the comment box. If you want to share your opinion with us then you can proceed. Visit here to get furthermore interested and helpful articles.

And one more thing, first of all, read the article carefully then do anything because your one mistake can lose your personal data. I hope You Understood with all Best Free Password Manager for PC.