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Virtual Private Networks ( VPNs) are the best Digital Privacy Tools in the World. If you Want to use VPNs then you try Best free VPNs But Virtual Private Networks Providers Not Provide Full Features For Free. If you want to secure and get full features then you purchase a plan according to your Requirement.

Do you Know?

  • What Is VPNs?

  • Why We Need It?

  • How is It Work?

Don’t Worry if you don’t Know that about Best Free VPNs, I will Describe each topic in Detail and Give Best Free VPNs Link in this Article, So Read This Article Continue.

What Is VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs a service which is used to keep secure a server and make private a user location.It is kept private a user location and safe their server data.It I Providing a strong layer of Data Encryption. A Reliable VPNs secure your data when you use WiFi at your Home or Public WiFi ( Where Lots of Hackers are using same WiFi, There the Best VPNs keep Secure  Your Personal DATA). You can Remote Your location in your own country or another country.A VPNs user Surf Internet Anonymously.



Why We Need It?

Sometimes we use a Public WiFi but We Don’t Know Where many Hackers are Used the same Public WiFi that hackers have many Chances to Hack Our DATA. So in this Situation, If we Use a VPNs then we have safe our personal DATA.Because VPNs will hide Our location and Remote our Location. whenever you want to access the useful website, but the website has blocked that place. In this Situation, the Best way To Unblocked a Blocked Website, with the help of Best Free VPNs.You can open a restricted Website that is blocked in your colleges, Schools, Offices, and in your Country also.

How is It Work?

  1. First Of All, install VPNs Apps on your PC or Mobile.
  2. After that Open Application and Signup or Register.
  3. Now Choose a country which you have to need.
  4. Finally, You Connected with a proxy which you chose.
  5. NowYou  Surf the Internet Anonymously.

Now I am Going to the main point that is How is it Work?

A VPNs works by sending the Data Through an Encrypted Tunnel to VPN Server.Encrypted Data is Mess
up so that nobody understands it. When We connected any other Country Proxy then we Work Trough
the Bypass VPNs Providers Servers that make an encrypted connection and hide our IP Address and
secure our data. that’s mean when someone snooping on your Data.The government, any Internet
Service Provider’s. or any hacker, when you connect the Public WiFi, that is connected to the same public WiFi, so nobody can’t be found out what are doing and you can Secure your Bank Detail and Social media’s Password Anytime, Anywhere by using a Best Free VPNs. By connecting a VPNs, when you Visit any Website, that thinks you are using Internet VPNs location, that is you used on VPNs App.So nobody can’t tell where are you stand and what are you doing.

Can I Used A Best Free VPNs on My Device?

I want to tell you that yes you too can Use a Best Free VPNs On your Device.All of the reliable Best Free
VPNs Apps that mentioned in this Article. Some Things worth remembering that is the Android is covered
more than iOS apps by VPNs Providers.Some of the Best Free VPNs Mentioned on Our List Which are
Given Below in this Article.

A List Of Best Free VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

Service Provider


Go to Site


♥ Easy to use Software  For All Your Device

 Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Speed

Strong Encryption

 ServerIn more than 94 Countries

30 Day Money Back Guaranty.

 Visit Here

Simple Apps For All Devices
Unlimited Bandwidth
Strict No- Login Policy
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Tunnel in 20+ Countries
OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, VPN Protocols

Visit Here

  Apps Available For All Devices

Unlimited Bandwidth

Anti-fingerprinting System

Simultaneous Uses Up to 5 Devices

AES-256 Bit Encryption

More than 600 Servers In 30 Countries

Visit Here

  2GB/ month Usage Limit For Free Users

Strong Encryption

Experienced Customer Care

Visit Here

  Reasonable Speed

Perfect For Security

Keep Logs

No P2P or Tormenting Allow

Visit Here

  Easy Setup, Easy to Use

2GB Limit starter Pack

Allow P2P

Visit Here

  Not a VPN but Offer Similar  Protection

Highly Secure

Can Be Rather a Slow

Visit Here

  Hides Your Geo-Location

Makes Your internet  Use more Private

Encrypts Your Online Data

Works on Multiple OS Platforms

Helps You Stream Media

Servers In 40+ Countries

Visit Here


Premium VPNs 




full suite of ExpressVPN’s easy-to-use software

Not Free

Zero logging of your network traffic

3 simultaneous connection

Unlimited bandwidth

Highly experienced

Strong encryption

OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols

Servers in more than 94 countries

30-day Money-back guarantee

  Visit Here


Free VPNs 

1.Tunnel Bear




Apps for all platforms

Few advanced settings

Cool design, fun and easy to use

No peer-to-peer (P2P)

Perfect for beginners

Usage capped

Outstanding encryption

Five simultaneous connections  Permitted

 Visit Here


TunnelBear is an Awesome Free VPN that many Users like, Because of its Fantastic Services and styles.
Why it a Best Free VPNs Because that gives users access to their all servers and can access any Country
Proxy that is provided by TunnelBear. TunnelBear Has Some Plus points That are TunnelBear Does Not
Keep user logs that are good for Security and Privacy. TunnelBear VPN’s Privacy Policy is Better and
Outstanding. You can use up to 500 MB every month of every Free User Account.You can’t use more
than 500 MB of any free user Access.When your free data limits reached then you can get some MB data
by sharing it on Social Media Sites, and Enjoy Free Data.It is Best Free VPNs For Beginners. SO you Can
Try It Free. If you want to try it free Just Click on given Link .

2.Cyber Ghost



Solid speeds


Free iOS and Android apps

Limited locations
Perfect for beginners

Usage capped

No bandwidth limits

Automatic internet kill switch

Transparent privacy policy

Anti-fingerprinting System

AES 256-BIT Encryption

Visit Here

CyberGhost is another Best Free VPNs that is the best way presenting yourself in VPNs Univers.that is
provide Unlimited Bandwidth with Strong Encryptions, similar to that Premium VPN.User settings and
services are easy to use.CyberGhost Provide an Awesome App for Desktop that makes the connection to
VPN easy and Simple.

While CyberGhost is Best Free VPN that gives superb services similar to that Premium VPN.But there
are some drawbacks in this. that is given Bellow.

  • CyberGhos attached some Advertisement, for Free VPN users, in their apps.
  • It provides Limited Server Locations For Free VPNs users.

It is a Best Free VPNs Server. So you can try it free, just Click on given  Link.CyberGhost VPN Best
Free VPN For PPD Sites Users to Earn Money At Home.

3.Hide Me




Strong encryption

2 GB data transfer

Zero logs

Limited locations

Superb privacy policy

1 simultaneous connection

Highly experienced 

Transparent privacy policy

Highly  experienced customer care

Servers in 22 countries

Visit Here

Hide.me are Provides Solid Connection Speed and taken care of OpenVPN encryption security. It gives
to you 2GB data every month that is Enough for you when you Really required to Unblocked the
blocked Websites those are Unavailable on your Proxy.Join This VPNs Just Click on Given Link

4.Surf Easy



Easy to use apps

500MB free data

    P2P allowed

Minor logging 
  Easy setup

1 simultaneous connection

Servers across the globe 

Bank-grade encryption

One-click IP masking

Friendly phone/email/chat support 

Visit Here

Surf Easy is another Best Free VPNs.That is Similar to TunnelBear

That provides an Apps, You can Easy to use, With a Solid Server Connecting Speed and Strong Security
protection. SurfEasy VPN’s Privacy Policy is Better and Outstanding. You can use up to 500 MB free Data
every month.You can Upgrade it as per your recommended, that VPN plans Are very Cheap So you can
Purchase a Plan and You can try it free also.

You can Check Out it free Just Click on given below Link


Visit Here



Great privacy policy

Limited support options

    P2P allowed

8 Locations
Easy to use

No OpenVPN Configs

Perfect for beginners

One Device Allowed

WindScribe is the Best Free VPNs Server That Gives 10 GB free Data Every Month for Each Subscriber.
Which is really free good Allowance. WindScribe’s Security is Excellent Because it provides Better privacy
policy terms with a Strong Encryption that is the plus point for their users because that protects its
subscribers Account. WindScribe User can only use one Device and some Limited Servers in their Free
Plan.Because It doesn’t allow access to every server for free users.However, this is free VPN but it is not
Surprise for you, and the servers that are users to get access to are useful Countries or Place.

Furthermore, It provides solid speed servers which really Bonus Point for you. All in all Best Free
VPNs that can you try.If you need a Best free VPNs then you can try it, Just Click on Given  Link. 

How To Setup A Free VPNs

It is a very Simple process to the setting of a Best Free VPNs.You can set up a Paid or Free VPN just
Follow The Given Below Steps.

  • First Of all, Select a VPN Service Provider Which You Like in this Article and go their Website.
  • After that Subscribe and Download an App for your Platform or OS that is Run on your Device.
  • Follow All Installation instructions and install the App On your Device.
  • Now Run the App and select an Encryption Option which you want.it is not possible to Select your
    preferred Protocol always because it is a free VPN Server.If you Want to Choose OpenVPN Option
    that is the strongest form of Encryption.
  • Select a VPN server in the place that you want to remote your location. and Click Connect.
  • After Click on Connect, it will take few Seconds to establish the connection that you can access
    any restricted Website, and secure data or location with Encryption.

What Is Free Best Free VPNs Services?

The Best VPN Services that promise to keep secure your Data, Anywhere, Anytime, when you connect
with it.The Best Free VPNs will allow to fast connect with their server and fast access with website
whenever do you want online.The Best Free VPNs will be transparent their services about their Data
Uses limit and their Servers that will Provide to Subscribers.The Best Free VPNs Services use a high
Standard and Strong Encryption Server.All Best Free VPNs and Reliable VPNs are mentioned in this
Article that Highly Encrypts your data and Secures your Security Details.

Free VPN- Consideration

First Of all, Consider Several Things then Choose a Free VPNs.

The Main Considerations are these.

  • What Work do you want to by Free VPN?
  • How many time, you want to use a Free VPN to connect the Internet?

If you want to use a free VPN for unblocking restricted, censored, geo-blocked sites, Then the all Free
VPNs are Perfect for you that is mentioned in this Article.If you tend to use the internet Heavily then you
can choose Unlimited DATA option with several Servers, for keep secure your Data Because you have to
need Privacy and Security, When you Use the Internet.That Means you choose a VPN with Fewer servers,
from mentioned VPNs and Speed Restriction of Connection.

Now we Bring the Second Consideration that is Connection Speed.

If you want to watch a Restricted channel’s videos, Live Streaming and Blocked TV-Shows, then Don’t
choose a slower speed, Free VPNs from Mentioned Best Free VPNs in this Article.

If you required a Best Free VPNs with super fast connection Speed, and Unlimited data use, because
you tend to use the internet a Lot, So now you don’t have any more option of Best Free VPNs, then you
can Purchase a Pro VPNs Plan.

No Substitute for a paid VPN Subscription!

We mentioned the Best free VPNs in this Article, that makes free somewhat limited and Restrictive.

I want to tell you that all VPNs Services are tested, and Reliable.You can use all Best Free VPNs one by one, When necessary.


I want to tell you for security reasons many Free VPN Service provides a security Nightmare that can sell
your Data to the third party or may be provided outdated Encryption that can be hacked.that is the
caution of download a untrusted VPN App that can be effected your data, and the results could severe.
We will Recommend you to get a Fully featured VPN and Secure Your data that is an excellent option for
you.And no more security substitute for you that will get with fully featured VPN for you.

Free VPNs: Conclusion

There is the Growing Awareness of VPN that provides the Privacy and Security.The VPN is the Best
Product in Market to Secure Personal Data from Cyber Attacks.And everyone has interested become its
offers.Because Everyone wants to keep secure their personal DATA.

It is a fact that everyone wants to get something for free.But reliable great VPNs charge a minimum
subscription fee. For that provides highly encryption and fastest connecting servers in the whole
world.And it keeps Secure your login details.

We Discussed previously on these VPNs, That Free VPNs are Reliable And Secure because these Don’t sell
your data to any third party, and not provide an outdated Encryption.So these All The Best Free
VPNs.They Provide a highly secure and Standard Encryption.We are confident that all Free VPNs are
perfect, given a list in this article for anyone who wants to use Best Free VPNs-2017.these Free VPNs
Handle your data Securely so You Can Use anyone from given Best Free VPNs.

Final Word:

You Read this article on LearnHax.net, That is About Best Free VPNs-2017. I hope you like this article
and enjoy with Best Free VPNs.You Can Earn Money, From BEST PAY PER DOWNLOAD WEBSITES-2017
using Best Free VPNs. If you have Questioned in your mind then you can ask me in Comment Box.And
you like this article, Share with you Friends.