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Top 20 Best Google Gravity Tricks Forever

Top 20 best Google Gravity Tricks 

Mainly people feels boring with google chrome browser because there is nothing interesting thing on its home page. we see the same thing everyday. So people always searched some of interesting thing. Do you know google have also a cool entertaining stuff for its users. in this article i tell about some of interesting tricks on google named best google gravity tricks.

Are you amazed by reading the name Google gravity tricks. now i remove your astonishment, by explaining this word.  this name Google Gravity really amaze you. it is a way to engage people and attract their attention.these tricks are based on java script.it shows you  google web browser by a unique way.

Google gravity tricks are full of fun and it will help you distress yourself from daily routine.

How to enable google gravity tricks:- It is disable by default you need to enable the option “I’m Felling Lucky”

What is Google Gravity????

A google gravity is where all the web page would fall down or go upside.  In this Content of web page are pulled by gravitation. So they will act differently. These all are unique and crazy. This tricks contain many of interesting stuffs with mind blowing ideas. You can easily confuse anyone and make their time worth spending in something unique and insane.

Google gravity is a collection of hidden features. By which you can do something amazing and special.  This was design for full of fun and enjoyment. You can Enjoy with Best Google Gravity Tricks. in this article we will discuss best google gravity tricks.

 Best Google Gravity tricks

Here we bring for you some awesome Google Gravity Tricks. I hope you Like these Google Gravity Tricks. So Lets Start One by One.

1. Zero Gravity Google Flat Fall

This is one of the best google gravity tricks. This is very exciting idea where all the content of webpage overturn,including the text and images. Even if you type something to search the it would be written in reverse direction. And when you click Enter the search result comes in reverse order and in a jumbled manner. You will find it very exciting because content are in reverse mode. It is very Exciting and really amazing. Just Click On Zero Gravity Google Flat Fall  Enjoy this Awesome Trick

2. Google Sphere

This is also a google gravity tricks. In google sphere the content will circulate around a sphere as you do with the help of mouse. it is best google gravity trick and really tricky. This also  a tough to search through this page because the links twirls around your mouse and it become hard to click a right links because many of links rotate around the mouse . This trick is also challenging to find something from google search engine. The search result also rotates is sphere also. you can see that google gravity tricks are difficult and challenging.

3. Google Gravity Under Water

In background of google gravity Under water consist underwater sea with different types of fishes. All the content of webpage  and google page  float in water  with animated background that gives you an impeccable under the water experience. Google sink in water and floats also in water. All fishes moves here and there. This is also amazing google gravity trick .Fishes hit also the google search box. You will love really this trick. This is So beautiful and smart google gravity trick. The display and appearance is good to read and content under water is fabulous.

4. Google Guitar

If you like to play the guitar and fond of hear to guitar , By the help google gravity trick you cam do that. You can play Guitar in google Gravity. You can play several tunes on google search engine like Twinkle Twinkle little star, Birthday tunes and forest tunes. Google Gravity provides you correct and accurate note of tunes. Enjoy with Guitar in google search engine.It is a novel way for music lover to use google search engine.  When you search anything by this way your result comes inverted also. So, this is also one of the best google gravity trick.

5. Do a Barrel Roll

DO a Barrel Roll is also one of the best trick of google gravity, you can also enjoy this one also.  This Trick gives you a speedy spin  to webpage and searched result in a single stroke. when you open this you find that your screen is rotating in a single moment. To open this firstly open google and search with ‘ Do a barrel roll’ . when result comes anyone can experience do a barrel roll in pages and this look quite appealing.

6. Google Rainbow

If you want to do something natural, colorful and This trick bring you into colorful world of google search engine. In google Rainbow  you can enjoy all the links in colorful manner which keep blinking in regular way and animated form. “I’m Feeling Lucky”  tab change into  “I’m Feeling Colorful”. this trick more colorful and enjoyable than other google gravity tricks

7. Google Zero Gravity Inversion 

Google Zero Gravity Inversion is the most super and cool trick by Google Gravity. This trick gives you feel that you are on the another side of the screen. Another name of this trick is Google Gravity Mirror. This Trick  invert all web page  including images also. All the web page is shown in a reversed manner , including the images in such a way that it becomes challenging and interesting as well to read the contents. This is one of the most interesting Google Gravity tricks that you should never miss trying. After using one time You always miss this trick full of challenge.

8. Weenie Google

This is a tiny Google gravity trick where all the content of webpage and searched result page is converted into tiny shape. This is nothing but a best google gravity technique which is not in any way associated to the Google. This animation is one of the simplest and best. this is not related to google trademark. In this you find all the content are going to shrinking and became small. This is a third party.

To open this firstly Open google.com and search weenie google and enjoy this trick also.

9. Easter Egg trick

Many of people have heard that the famous  Super Mario Brothers have crossed their thirty year and experience. So as tribute yo it, Google made a tricky super game in google search engine. when you searched about word ‘ Super Mario Brothers ‘ in search box. Then search  result page would show  the iconic brick along with question mark which might have seen in this game. So when you click on bricks many times , score and points reached at 200 and there is a rumor that it would ring 1 up sound as you click at 100 times. So this is also a amazing trick.

10. Funny Google Search

This is so funny and interested as other tricks are but you will become surprise by the result you find on this page. This also the good google gravity trick. you can also enjoy this very easily that is really amazing google Gravity Trick.try this and enjoy.

Another Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks List.

Trick Name


Google Snake Trick


 Google Space Trick


Google Terminal


Google Mirror


Google Pacman


Annoying Google


Flip a Coin




Webdriver Torso


Google Black Search



Now it is the turn of conclusion. Friends i told the full details of best google gravity tricks. If you want to leave the boring routine with google and want to do something amazing and challenging. Then you have to try these google gravity tricks. I told the whole process of using these tricks. now Guys leave the boring life and do something challenge. You will really enjoy these tricks. and you find something challenging. You can surprised any with these tricks and plays prank with them by using these google gravity tricks. bookmark this page for other updates and more tricks.