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5 Best Video Editing App For Android


Nowadays, Smartphone is the most important part of our life because without Smartphone we feel like blank life. Sometimes we capture some moments and want to make a video but we go at with wrong video editing app. So here I will give you 5 Best Video Editing App For Android that will help you make your life cool and edit your memories easily as per your hopes. When you go to download a video editor on Google Play store you see the lots of Video editing App but a question rise in your mind which Video editing app is best for Android Device. SO don’t worry, you are now at on right place here you will see most popular and best Video Editor for android and you can download these apps with the full version.

 5 Best Video Editing App For Android

Video Editing App


Adobe Premiere Clip

1. Fast, simple video creation
2. Powerful, customized editing
3. Visual polish 
4. Videos synced to music
5. Auto-sync across devices


1. Trim/Split
2. Ratio/Crop
3. Speed Control
4. Reverse
5. Audio Mixer
6. Voice Over


1. Precision Editing
2. Instant Preview
3. Multi-Track Audio
4. Color Adjustment
5. Speed Control
6. Chroma Key
7. Voice Recording
8. Multiple Layers

Viva Video Editor

1. Slideshow maker
2. Video editing tools
3. Video editing effects.
4. Lens Effects
5. Screen Recorder
6. Unique Video Collage (PIP) camera

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

1. Smart Video Editor
2. Supercharged Social Sharing
3. Professional Features for Social Video Marketing
4. 3 Easy Steps Video Editing Steps:
    A.  Choose Smart Video Editing Style
     B. Choose Video Clips & Photos
     C. Chose Music For Video



Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe Premiere Clip the best video editing App for Android, if you are an Andoird user and want to edit your personal videos with amazing effects and easily, then the Adobe Premiere Clip best video editor for Android. Professionals use it to edit their videos with its PC version its PC version is an Advanced Video Editing App that’s  Adobe Premiere Pro.  Features List of Adobe Premiere Clip Given Above. Now I will describe every feature, what that work, which helps us to make an amazing video by using these features.

Best Video Editing App For Android

   Install Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip’s Features and their Work

Best Video Editing App For Android

Fast, Simple Video Creation: You can edit your video clips easily just choose your video clip and photos and to automatically option it will do auto edit the video you can customize it with powerful customized Editing.

Powerful, Customized Editing: This is an awesome feature of Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editor, you can edit your video clips just drag and drop on the video timeline, you can trim and ease, control exposure and mix or control audio level with this powerful tool.

Visual Polish: You can make a title and create slow motion effect video with light correction via this tool.

Videos synced to music:  This feature uses to add music to your video clip and Sync it.

Auto-sync across devices: Its a unique feature of Adobe Premiere Clip, When you open your projects, its Auto-sync on Abobe CriativeSync



FilmoraGo is another best video editing app for Android, It has many Amazing effects and features that help to make an awesome video like pro editors. It has a big effects store to auto-edit your video with these effects, that you expect. If you are a beginner then its best for you. Nowadays YouTubers used its PC version to edit their videos because its a simple or easy to use and cool interface video editing app. It offers different modes to make different type videos to save your time. its a very nice video editing app for Android, I will suggest to you this Best video editor for Android if you are a Beginner Video Editor.

Best Video Editing App For Android

   Install FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo’s Features and their Work

Best Video Editing App For Android

Trim/Split: This feature works for trim or splits your video clip two or more parts. You Can Easily Split your Video Clips, which place you want to trim your video by using this trim tool feature.

Ratio/Crop: This is a ratio adjustment tool, you can adjust your video ratio 9:16, 3:4, 1:1 which you want as per your need.

Speed Control: Its an awesome feature of this Best Video Editing App. You can do slow or fast forward on your video to make a slow-motion video with extra light or more effects.

Reverse: Sometimes we want something to move upward but we shoot it downward motion then we can change their direction reverse by using this reverse video editing app effects. 

Audio Mixer: Change the audio level with this video editing Audio mixer tool and increase or decrease base trouble. You can change volume level an audio.

Voice Over: This is another audio editing feature. you can import your own voice over any audio track as per your need.


When we talk about the Best Video Editing App For Android then KineMaster come on the first rank on the list of Best Video Editor for Android. Becuase it provides most important tools for video editing with the instant video editor. If you want to edit a video instantly with unique effects then you can move on KineMaster. It has a unique feature for Video Editing that’s you can instantly preview your edited video during video Editing. if want to edit a unique video on your android phone then you can use KineMaster Video Editing App For Android.

Best Video Editing App For Android

   Install KineMaster

KineMaster’s Features and their Work

Best Video Editor For Android

Precision Editing: You can trim your video clips frame by frame as per your requirement and one of most thing you can adjust any audio clip as per your video frame. you can trim or adjust audio timing per frame required which you trim for Video Editing.

Instant Preview: You Don’t need to wait for check your edited work or video preview because it allows to instantly preview your edited work.

Multi-Track Audio: It provides this awesome feature that you can add 4 audio timeline track with unlimited audio tracks.

Color Adjustment: You can Adjust color contrast and brightness with the color filter effects which you want. this feature can do adjust color saturation also to give a unique color corrected video.

Chroma Key: Its only one of the Best Video Editing App for Android Which provides this feature. you can composite your video with full green background and change it with any required background. it gives an Edited video result like a VFX video.

Multiple Layers: It Supported Multiple Different layers with Unlimited  Stickers, Title Text, Images and Handwriting Layers. You can animate these layers by using precision Editing with Animation effects and keyframe.

Viva Video Editor:

Viva Video Editor Another Best video editor for Android. If you want to make a video with your photos then it’s the best video editing app for Android to create a slideshow of your photos with an audio. It has overall more than 400 Millian users. it’s also a most popular best video editor for Android. it’s becoming best video editing app among photographer and video makers Whether it’s professional or Non-Professional. you can use millions of stickers, audio clips, videos and photos and make your movie easily.

Best Video Editor For Android

   Install Viva Video Editor

Viva Video Editor’s Features and their Work


Slideshow maker: You can make a movie by using you plain photos. Its allowed to make photos slideshow with different animation effects and photoshop effects.

Video editing tools: Viva Video Editing App provides many features to edit your video that features are trim the video, add audio, merge small video clips, and copy / Duplicate video Etc.

Video editing effects: It provides lots of Best video editing Effects like make a slow motion, control video Speed, Animated Text, and Color Adjustment Etc.

Lens Effects: Viva Video Editing App provides 5 different Modes to video your video that modes are basic, Selfie, facial effects,  music video, and live. You can add a filter as per your choice and that match with the video tone.

Screen Recorder: You can record your android moments with its screen recording Feature. If you want to make a tutorial to solve a problem then you can use it to easily record and edit the tutorial.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker:

It is another best video editing app for Android. It has over 100 million users which use it to edit their videos. you can edit an outstanding video with its Smart video Editor tool. this app not professionally but its best for social media when you edit a video for social media site then its a best option to edit your video because it has many social sharing options with social effects. Therefore you can edit a video for Facebook, whats, and Twitter with Magisto video Editor & maker. Most of all kinds of social video which share on social media sites that Selfie videos, Training Videos, Music Videos, Baby Videos, and Pet videos, Therefore you can also edit your these types of videos and share on social media sites.

Best Video Editor For Android

   Install Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker‘s Features and their Work


Smart Video Editor: It has an Awesome feature of Magisto that provides latest video editing technology with stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects, it has another feature also that is auto crop video because sometimes when we edit a video then an extra frame create with the video but it auto crop this extra frame and gives a video which we expect to see.

Supercharged Social Sharing: It has this another Supercharged Social Sharing tool. You can directly share your video with the feature on Facebook, Insta, Google+, Twiter and many more social Networks.

3 Easy Steps Video Editing Steps:

  • Select Smart Video Editing Style: First of all, pick a video clip and insert in Magisto, After that select a video effect and put it in your video clip which matched or fit with your story that you want to edit. Magisto also helps to make your video when you edit Birthday and wedding video for social because it is understood with your stories. that’s why it is another best video editing app for Android.
  • Choose Video Clips & Photos: It has its another best feature that helps to make a slideshow of our photos.
  • Choose Music For Video:  You can use a music from its library and waste you less time to make an awesome video. finally, you will get an awesome video after using these features.

Finally, I want to write some final words about these Best Video Editing App For Android Which is mentioned in this Article.


This Article was about Best Video Editor for Android Which wastes our less time and makes an awesome video. I hope you will enjoy these best video editing app for android, if you want to edit your video with best video editor for PC then you can go the mentioned link in this article. thanks for coming here we will bring another article for you. If you have any problem with using these apps then you can comment on the comment box, we will happy to help you, and solve your problem. If you like this article please Like and Share with your friend. Thanks