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How To Change IMEI Number of Android :2018


Hello Guys, Today I am going share a simple trick to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone, If
you have a unrooted Android phone also, Like – Micromax, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 3S Prime etc. It is a secure, simple and easy method to change IMEI of any rooted and unrooted phone.


If you are changing IMEI number of your android phone then you can do it at on your own risk
because it is illegal

The Method of IMEI Changing are Worked in both type of devices root and unroot. Some peoples have used it for unlimited earning by some Android applications like:- mCent, #Taskbusk etc. These Peoples are Change IMEI and create fake accounts for earning.


IMEI is “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. All mobile and Smartphone have unique IMEI
IMEI number does Contain 15 Digits. IMEI Number Does Write Below on Battery. Nowadays
some Android phone have Non-Removal Battery so you can check your IMEI number by Given
Method.( How to Check EMEI of your Device) Method is Given Below

How to Check EMEI of your Device

Dial *#06# in your phone and get your IMEI Information on your Android phone.
You can Check your IMEI Number By This Method Also. Setting > About Phone > Status > IMEI

How to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone Without Root
(MTK Chipset)


It has only one requirement > Your Smartphone have MTK Chipset (Media Tek Processor)


1. First You Check IMEI Of Your Device and write down it somewhere. (How to Check EMEI of
your Device)
2. Download Mobile Uncle Application in your Android Phone from here. Download
3. Now, Open Mobile Uncle App.
4. Now, Select Engineering Mode In App>Engineering Mode (MTK)
5. Now, Scroll down and Select CDS Information.
6. Now, Select Radio Information.
7. There you are found two option you will select “phone 2” from here.
8. Here now, you enter AT+ 15 Digit Custom IMEI Number (Called Temporary IMEI) :-(For Ex.
9. Now, Click on Send At Command.
10. Now, Restart Your Device and Check Your new temporary IMEI.
11. Enjoy With this trick (Change IMEI number of Your Smartphone )

How to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone (Rooted Device)


1. The device must be root.
2. Xposed must be installed on your device. Download
3. IMEI changer must be installed in your device ( Available on play store), :- Download
4. Your Device must be connected to the Internet.


1. First You have root your device,(If you have unrooted Device)
2. First You Check IMEI Of Your Device and write down it somewhere. (How To Check EMEI of
your Device)
3. Now, Download Xposed and installed it.
4. Now, open Xposed > Modules.
5. Now, tick on IMEI Changer Apk as Module.
6. Now, restart your device.
7. You will get your original and current IMEI number. After restart your Device.
8. Enter new IMEI number in “New IMEI Number” Box.
9. Now, apply for your new IMEI Number.
10. Now, restart again your device to get a response.
11. Check Again your IMEI number. It will be changed now.
12. Enjoy With your new original IMEI number.

Attention :-

  • We are Provide this Guide for you as an Educational Purpose. Don’t miss used.
  • IMEI changing is Illegal.

I hope you understood.