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How to delete undeletable file and folder Windows pc

Guys, you come from  Google and another platform to here get the solution for your problem that how to Delete undeletable File and Folder Windows. I hope I will give the best solution for delete protected file and folder so read this article carefully without jump a single step. Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well. So, friends, sometimes we see that we delete a file but it is not deleted. And gives a popup with a message like as you can see in the pic that attached below.

Delete protected file

I know, many of you have the same problem, But you know very well, Some files not delete as other applications are also using them in the background and want to Delete Undeletable File that unnecessary for us.

So, You have to close them first from the background, because while running in the background the also cover space and RAM of your system.

How To Delete protected file

But it also because of Malwares, Viruses, Spywares, Trojan Horse, Adware, and also because of system damaged files or corrupt files.

Today, in this tutorial, I will tell you, how you can Delete protected file, Delete protected folder and also Delete undetectable file in pc.

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Delete Undeletable Files and Folders in Windows

Here are some methods, you can Delete protected file or Delete protected folder:

  • Select that file or also that folder
  • Reboot System
  • Use of Command Prompt
  • Replace that file or also that folder
  • Download IObit uninstaller

Some of the Error Messages shows when Delete Protected file or Delete Undeletable File:

  • The action can not complete because this file open in another programe
  • Access Denied
  • File is Write Protected
  • File not Found

So, friends, I will tell you, How to solve this problem, So, friends lets go


Select the File or Folder, Close and Try again:

there are two ways below, to close file or folder, you use both:


      •  1  Click on the ” X ” in the upper right corner.
      • after that find the file if file open in any browser and software first close it and try again to delete undeletable file.

      • 3 Open TaskManager and then Select the process that you want to delete the file if the file is open close forcibly by  End Process in the bottom right corner.

      • now Try to Delete that file or folder once again.


The File may delete after rebooting your system, See below how to reboot the system:

How to delete undeletable file in windows PC

  • Step 1  Click on “Windows Icon” in the bottom left corner and open the start menu, or press windows key.
  • Step 2  Now hit the mouse button on the power button and select restart.

And now, after the restart, you also try to delete Undeletable file or folder again.

If that method does not work, I will show you, you also do an advance restart,

  • Step 1  Open Windows Settings by pressing “Win+I”

  • Step 2  Go to > Update and Security > Recovery > Advance Startup > Restart Now.



So, friends, I really hope these solutions will also work for you, I tell about more solutions below, scroll down and check.


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Start searching for COMMAND PROMPT or CMD and also run as Administrator:

Here are some STEPS, they will help you,

  • Step 1     Click on windows icon bottom right corner and type “Command Prompt” OR “CMD”.

Delete protected file

  • As you can also see “CMD” appears, right-click on it and left-click on “run as administrator”.

Because with help of command prompt you can even Delete protected file and also Delete protected folder, also Delete undetectable file in pc.

And then also a window will appear because this will open the command prompt as an administrator.

And so now, I will tell you:

Delete protected file

So there are also some commands, you type in the command prompt, I will tell the use of each and also every command to Delete Undeletable File.

DEL/F/Q/A/C:\User\Your username here\location of file\file name here


Now I am going to show you the proper usage of command:



Here is also the other method to delete Delete protected file, Delete protected folder, and with the help of this software you can easily also Delete undetectable files in pc.

here are also some steps, you follow them:


  • 1   Download File ASSASIN from here.
  • 2  Run .EXE File and install the software
  •  On the left side, click on three dots and browse the file, you want to delete.
  • 4   Check tick on options, you want to do with that file.
  • 5   Click Ok, and here we go.


So, dear friends, I did tell you about, how you can Delete protected file, Delete protected folder and also Delete undetectable file in pc, Everyone wants to like junk-free PC, So with those steps, you can remove unwanted files, Sometimes, also file does not delete because they may contain some virus or malicious program, So also you can download third-party software to delete that files