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How to download paid games for free || Sep 2019

Hey, friends! How are you? I hope you are living well and you all are enjoying your life to full. I am here again with a new article and a fresh topic that is How to download paid games for free on Android. In this article, I will show you how can you download paid games for free on Android. So that you can play all of your favorite games without any problems. So let us begin the article.

If you are an Android user then you must know about android games and google play store. Friends! If you have no idea about Google Play Store then let me explain you. Google Play store is an app provides by Google that provides all of google apps and games to Android users. And if you are an Android user big fan of Android games. Games are an important part of my life. And this not unnatural because games are the best source of entertainment.

How to download paid games for free

Being a game lover I can understand the situation when we try to download our favorite or desired game and we can not download that game due to the same problem i.e; because of paid games. That time we feel so sad about that. But in that case, we have no option rather than leaving the thought of downloading that game. In my opinion, Games is one of the most important parts of our daily life. Because games reduce our daily stress and freshened our mind and make us feel joyful. And for children, it is the best thing in their daily life. They love playing games. Not only children, youngsters and in fact people of all ages love to play games on their Android.

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If we are feeling bored or we have nothing to do then we can play games in our Android. As it is the best option to pass your spare time. Or sometimes to reduce stress also we can play games. Because playing games can divert your mind from your stress for some time and you feel better. There are lots of advantages to playing games. But giving excessive of your important time to play these games is not good for all of your health, wealth, and future. Especially for students who use to play games all-time and forget their studies and even food too. So it’s a suggestion that plays games in your android but in a limit. Because giving excessive time to these games can destroy your future.

Need of the trick to download paid games for free

Now, what is the need for the trick to download paid games for free? if we can download every game from Google Play Store. Let me explain it to your friends. Have you ever seen a message box that asks you to pay some amount while downloading some of your desired games? If yes, then this trick is the solution to that problem. Yes, this trick can help you to download all those games which you find paid on Google play store.

How to download paid games for free || Sep 2019 || MOD APK

And friends if you are thinking of paying that amount then let me clear it to you that you can not pay that amount without having an international credit card or google wallet. You can pay that amount with these only. But you do not have to work anymore. Our today’s trick will help you to download your favorite paid games for free of cost. Below we have shared a trick to download paid games for free for Android.

How to download paid games for free || Sep 2019 || MOD APK

Requirements to download paid games for free on Android

Below are some basic requirements to download paid games for free on Android that you have to full to proceed toward the trick. You can not proceed before fulfilling these some requirements.

  • Android device
  • Apk file of that particular game. Note: that it should be in working condition.
  • Complete Data file of that particular game.

Websites, that will help you in downloading paid games for free


You can download almost all non-paid as well as paid games from above given three websites. These given websites can help you to download almost all of the paid games. Try these websites and enjoy your favorite games. You have to just have to download your desired game according to your phone’s GPU. If you don’t know your phone’s GPU then go to and search here for your mobile model number and you will get your device’s GPU.

Steps to download paid games for free

Now we came to the steps to Download Paid Games for free. By following these steps you can download paid games for free on your device.

  1. Firstly open the or any of above-given sites.
  2. Now search for your desired game there and download the data and Apk or zip file according to your phone’s  GPU.
  3. Now extract both data and Apk or zip file es file explorer or any other of your choice.
  4. Then check the folder.
  5.  And if you have successfully and the data files with whole data of the game, then copy it and paste it to your phone’s storage.
  6. After that, if you have got the obb files then paste them in your storage by copying them from there. Friends if you don’t nd any obb folder then you can make a new folder and name it to “obb”.
  7. And with this, you have done.

With this, you will be able to play your desired and favorite paid games without any tension of paying anything to Google.

Final Words:

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