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Top 10 Best Free Recharge Apps For Android

Hello Guys Today I am Share Some Apps with you to Earn Free Recharge or Paytm Money.If you are Searching free recharge apps for Android to earn Mobile Balance Or Paytm Cash then this Article For You. Here i will share some Apps those apps give Referral Money so you can Earn Money By Refer These Apps, More Share And Earn More some Apps Give Some Money For Just Download Some Apps through these Apps. We Will Describe Every App how its Work and How To Earn Mobile Balance or Paytm Cash And Money.

When You Search on Google Play Store Then you Find Lots of Apps For Earn Money But some Apps Are Fakes So Guys here you Got Genuine And Working Apps.  We Share Some PPC  And PPD Site To Earn Money In Other Article But It Different And In Craze, NowaDays 90 % People Use Android Smartphone and Want to Earn Free Recharge For Android To Talk with Their Friends.

So Here You Get Information  About Top 10 Best Free Recharge Apps For Android in this Article. After a long Search we get these Highest Paying Free Recharge For Android.

List Of Highest Paying Top 10 Free Best Free Recharge Apps For Android

Sr No.

Application Name

Download Link

Earn Per Refer

1mCent DownloadRs. 10-50 Some Time it will Pay You More Than Rs. 50
2Ladooo DownloadRs. 20
3Earn Talktime DownloadRs. 55 – 155
4Task Bucks DownloadRs.40 ( Paytm Cash)
5Fokat DownloadRs. 30
6Data Back Download50 MB 3G/4G DATA
7Champ Cash  DownloadRs. 62+/ (1$)
8Pokkt Money DownloadRs. 30
9Cash Ninja DownloadRs. 25
10Amulyam DownloadRs. 111



mCent is a one of the Best Free Recharge Apps For Android. We can Earn More than 10,000 from this app just share it and get Referral.It gives some offers for you these offers are like daily contest downloading apps form it and get balance for recharge. mCent give you Rs 2-10  when you Download an App and it shall pay more when you use that download App. it will pay you approx Rs 70 for a App. Once it offer Rs 700  for one refer after that it Decrease it to Rs 15 per Refer but now it pay Rs 40 per refer. That means when someone Download mCent From a link that will shared by you to your Referral Link.

How You Can Use mCent And Earn ?

  1. First of all, Download mCent And Install it in your Android Device.
  2. Now Signup With mCent By using Your Phone No .
  3. Download Apps Offer By mCent And Earn.
  4. Share Your Referral Link On Facebook WhatsApp and With Your Friends And Earn.
  5. Free Recharge on Your Mobile No with mCent Balance.


For Android user, Ladooo is one of the oldest and best Free Recharge Apps For Android to earn recharge. You can earn so many recharge from this app. You can earn recharge by two ways, one by downloading app offerwise, and another by sharing your referral codes. Each offer gives you 5-15 rupees. After earning you can redeem that money into mobile recharge.




How to use Ladooo app.

  1. Download Ladooo app. from google play store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Now download the application to earn money.
  4. Open the downloded application for two minutes to get money in ladooo account.
  5. When your wallet money reached at 10 rupees you can redeem into recharge.
  6. Also share this  app to your friend and earnn more recharge.

Earn Talktime:

Earn Talktime, This name is sufficient to describe everything. Yes, Really the name is enough to describe.Guys this is also one of the best app to earn recharge for your mobile.In this app also you have to download application showing on your homepage. these app provides you 10-100 rupees, even some apps gives 100+ rupees. And you can earn by refer also. It is a best Free Recharge Apps For Android.




How to use Earn Talktime app.

  1. Firstly download it from google play store and launch it.
  2. Register  yourself on this app.
  3. Download app from home page.
  4. Use that app 2-3 minutes.
  5. After that your wallet recharged automatically.
  6. Then you can redeem into recharge.
  7. For more money share your referral code.

Task Bucks:

Task buck is another not best but Super best Free Recharge Apps For Android. It is because you can redeem your money into paytm wallet cash. This is one of the most best feature of this app. There is no need to use your money into mobile recharge but you can use this money everywhere where you want. And this gives 25 rupees per refer. And earn money by downloading apps.



How to use Task Bucks

  1. Download it and register yourself.
  2. Now download app. from offer zone.
  3. Use that app because Task Bucks confirms your installation.
  4. Once installation confirms you get money into account.
  5. When money crossed 20 rupees then you can redeem into paytm cash and recharge.
  6. you get 1 rupees daily on downloading your first app.


Now a days, most of people are choosing online option for shopping as compared to offline. Because people think that these online shopping sites sell the items on original price. But this is not true. They add service tax, delivery charge and all another tax. But we can shop profitably from these site by using FOKAT app. You will get some cashback by using referral links. It also offer refer and earn program. it is another best Free Recharge Apps For Android.


How to use Fokat

  1. Download it and register.
  2. Open the app
  3. Complete all tasks and earn money
  4. After earning redeem.

Data Back:

We always see that all the earning apps give us mobile recharge and money. But this app is really amazing it gives us 3G/4G Data.This app gives data by downloading apps and by refer also. After earning you can redeem that data into mobile data. This app saves also your browsing data and gives that data back to our phone.




How to use Data Back app.

  1. Download it and register yourself by using phone number.
  2. Now download app. from offer zone which gives data.
  3. After that your wallet recharged automatically by data.
  4. Then you can redeem that into data recharge.

Champ Cash:

Champ cash is best app. because it gives us 1$(64rs) as a sign up bonus. You can earn money by referral program,by downloading apps, wathing videos. You can redeem your money into your bank and Paypal or Payza account .Minimum withdraw limit is 5$.




How to use Champ Cash

  1. Download from playstore.
  2. Sign up and get 1 $ as bonus
  3. Earn by downloading app, watching videos.
  4. Redeem into your bank account.

Pokkt Money:

This is also best free recharge apps for android. you can earn money for recharge  by just completing task. after that you can redeem that money. You can also earn 30 rupees by each succesful refer. you can earn also by downloading apps showing on home screen.




how to use Pokkt Money

  1. Download apps from play store.
  2. Now after launching download the app listed on home screen.
  3. Refer for more earning.
  4. Now you can redeem into recharges.

Cash Ninja:

This is best Free Recharge Apps For Android because there is no need to download any app to earn money so it is very simple to use and earn.So  try this app also. You have to play puzzle and earn points. you can participate also on Quiz contest and win money. after earning redeem into recharge.




How to use Cash Ninja

  1. Download apps from play store.
  2. Now after launching complete the tasks.
  3. Play puzzle and participate in quiz contest.
  4. Earn and redeem.


This app is highest paying app. This is oldest and best Free Recharge Apps For Android. Amulyam gives 10 -30 after each successful refer. You can earn lot of money by downloading apps for android.and earn by refer. it is very cool app. and gives highest money comparing to another app.


How to use Amulyam

  1. Download apps from play store.
  2. Open app and signup.
  3. Now complete task by downloading app.
  4. Refer for more earning.
  5. Redeem finally.

Final Word:

This Article Was about Best Free Recharge Apps For Android. i hope you like this article and enjoy with these best Free Recharge Apps For Android. Share this article with your friends and share these apps with your friends for more earning. these all apps available on Play Store. and you can Download from given link in this article.