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Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN

Google is now launching out a new feature to all Nexus and Pixel phones in selected Countries. that is Wi-Fi assistant, it includes a built-in Google VPN. Naturally, our ears listened up at the news… here at on Learnhax.com

What is Wi-Fi Assistant?

Wi-Fi Assistant is an outcome of Project Fi, Google’s mobile network service. cellular network providers are regularly Unlike by their users, Project Fi does not provide internet access directly to customers.

Google has instead partnership with Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular that also authorized over a million Wi-Fi hotspots that meet certain criteria. Project Fi customers can jump between the third party mobile networks And open Wi-Fi hotspots for getting the best possible signal.

This Project currently available only to US customers, but Google has the partnership with International Providers so customers can use their data abroad countries, In order to use Project Fi, “Google Phone” is required. that means a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, or Pixel phone.

This feature that allows automatically switch between open Wi-Fi Networks to all users is known as the Wi-Fi Assistant.In order to help protect users from knave Wi-Fi hotspot operators, “Google VPN” That protect all Wi-Fi assistant connections.

Now Google is Extending Wi-Fi assistant feature to all Google Phone Users (Complete with Google VPN ) that means to all Nexus devices Users in the following Countries that US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Nordic which run on Android 5.1 Lollipop or newest Android OS.

How To Switch Your Device On Wi-Fi Assistant Mode?

Enable WI-Fi Assistant in your Device Just Following Given Step.

  • First Of all, Go to Device Settings
  • After That open  Google
  • Now Click on Networking
  • Finally On/Off switch Wi-Fi assistant, By just Click on toggle the On/Off switch.

When your Device connected to an open Wi-Fi network via Wi-Fi assistant Your device Notification bar will show you the VPN Icon. You Can say, your Wi-Fi connection “Connected via Wi-Fi assistant.”

Wi-Fi Assistant only work Whenever The Public Networks Don’t need to login In Practice that is the Major Limitation of this Feature. That’s probably 90% of the public Wi-Fi network!

What is Google VPN?

Here, I want to tell you in this Article About Wi-Fi Assistant. whenever we will use a Wi-Fi Assistant In our Device that Internet Connection Protected Via a VPN, That VPNs operated By Google Inc. That means your connection protected by  Google VPN.

When you connected a public Wi-Fi and your connection protected With Google VPN if Any Hacker tries to manage your Data, for Example, tricking Wi-Fi assistant into connecting to an “evil twin hotspot or packet-sniffing your Wi-Fi data, That Your Data Safe because it is Encrypted.

Google VPN that has a very Specific Purpose to protect our Data if we connected with a random or unsecured (unsafe) Public Wi-Fi and Hotspot, Google VPN Free for you that provide from Google Inc.

Google VPN Vs Third Party Commercial VPN Services

What The Google VPN Can’t do. that a regular commercial VPN service does is:

  • You can hide your internet activities from your internet Service Provider and Mobile Providers every time. When you using Internet at your Home or College.
  • Geo-spoof your Real location so you can watch services such as US Netflix and BBC iPlayer wherever you live in the world.
  • P2P torrent download in safety.

A Commercial or third party VPN also Protect your Data when you Connected With Public Wi-Fi and Hotspot wherever.And that can we use any Device Like:  iPhone, PC, Laptop and any Mobile it is not for only Google Devices.

Google VPN Security and Privacy

I confused because I have been unable to discover what kind of encryption Google uses for its VPN service. but I can say it Given that this is Google, so I think it’s secure assumed VPN services.

It is Private, that is the unique matter. after all, you can know as much as about Google’s Entire Bussiness Model that the best way to target highly personalized ads at you. As with any VPN service, Google will be able to monitor any log what you get up to on the internet when using its VPN.

Google VPN Privacy Policy

Here we talk about Google VPN Privacy Policy. I will tell you Some Google Privacy Policy If you want More About Google VPN Privacy Policy Just Click on This Link Google VPN Privacy Policy

To make your connection safer when you connect with Open Wi-Fi Networks, Wi-Fi assistant work with a virtual private network (VPN). The VPN protects your data from Hackers that also connected with same open Wi-Fi networks. 

When a Virtual Private Network activates, We’ll see a “Network may be monitored” message. Google monitors system data. When we securely connected to a website (by HTTPS), like “Facebook”, then facebook can’t record your content. Facebook uses system data sent through VPN connections to:

  • Improve And Provide Wi-Fi assistant, including the virtual private network (VPN)
  • Monitor for abuse
  • Keep in mind All applicable laws and regulations, or as required by the court or government orders.”

As always when you using a Virtual Private Network, connecting to HTTPS websites will hide your activity on that website from your VPN provider. But it still knows about it that you visited on the website.


Thanks to the fact that Google Wi-Fi Assistant only work Whenever The Public Networks Don’t need to log in. Most users maybe unlikely to find much practical use for the feature.

If you want to use an open Wi-Fi Networks And Hotspot, then it is much better to be protected via a VPN.than you not when using unknown and potentially highly insecure public hotspots. commercial VPN services will protect you in many more situations. and you should think the Commercial VPN is  Better than Google VPN.but Commercial VPN can sell your data for profit.

Final Words:

This article was about Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN. I hope you like this article and found it Useful. So Guys Enjoy with Article And Share with your Friends.