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How to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight

Hello dear readers, In this article, we talk about “How to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight” and how to use Google Drive. We will discuss also how to use Google drive, Google drive app, google drive encryption, google drive sync. You will completely learn about Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight in this article and how to use google drive.

Nowadays Google is a most famous company in the world. When anyone wants to learn anything on the internet or he wants to learn internet. Then he first goes to Google and search there the things which he wants and after that he forward to another thing. It is also providing us new features day by day. Google drive app or web is one of the features also. we find a new thing regularly which is created by Google. Google drive is also a feature of Google features. Now I will discuss how to use Google drive.  And we also discuss how to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight, Google drive encryption and how to use Google drive app and cloud both. most people use Google drive app.

How to use google drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms in the world. Google drive is an online memory card which means we can save our data on Google drive up to 15 Gb free of cost. If You want more storage then you can buy that according to offer. This is available as on the web and on android apps named Google drive app. You can also search and download from Google play store by just typing Google drive app. You can use after installing the Google drive app as an android app.

Data on Google drive app is with Google drive encryption and protected by  Google team. Our data on google drive are either private or that can be seen by specific peoples. It depends totally on you.  Because you can give permission or not to other peoples. If you chose the widget to share the file and folder. It creates a folder separately. And keeps the all the files and folder in that folder which are visible to the peoples which you select. You can learn to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight, how to use google drive in this article and know about google drive encryption.

 Google Drive Sync

Now, friends, we talk about google drive sync. Do you know about google drive sync? Google drive sync is a very useful feature in Google account.  It means you can access your data globally google drive sync mean your data save on cloud. Google Drive Sync is enabled by default on Google Apps domains. All the data became save in cloud that became safe and you never lose that by accessing google drive sync. Google drive sync is the very good feature if you don’t want to lose data at any cost.This was all about google drive sync. You have to on google drive sync on your mobile. You also learned that how to use google drive

Now one question arises that what is google drive encryption????.we talk about now google drive encryption.

Google Drive Encryption

The Google Drive encryption Google itself uses protects files on the cloud platform’s servers. It is used to protect our data in the cloud. Because in this time all people know how to use google drive and saves there information to cloud. Many of our multinational companies also using Google Drive to save or store, share, and sync important company data, financial information, or patients’ personal health information. So there is very need of a security. Google drive encryption gives us more protection by protection our data in cloud or covers with an extra security layer.Google drive encryption is very important to secure data.

Simple Method to Hide a File in Your Google Drive in Plain Sight

If you don’t want to show any file and folder then keep away that content from the shared folder. Move the files from the shared folder to another place. Now we discuss another and important method of how to hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight.

Steps to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight

we now talk about the steps which would be followed to hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight. Here is step by step guide to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight.

  1. At first, you have to or you can do also in google drive app and upload the file that you want to hide from other peoples and users.
  2. When the file is uploaded, right-click the file in Drive and choose Manage Versions.
  3. Choose Upload New Version and upload another file.
  4. Now rename the original file to, say, image.jpg – you have to give any file name and extension.
  5. Now you have to choose Managed Versions, select the 3-dot vertical menu and check Keep Forever, your hidden file would be around forever.

Friends that was the stepwise guideline to Hide a file in your Google Drive in Plain Sight. You can do this on the web and google drive app also and google drive encryption.

I told you above that google drive app can be downloaded from play store. Google drive encryption is also necessary for security aspects. We have to use also google drive app for simplicity. You also learned how to use google drive.