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How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Hello learners, today’s topic is How to Block Websites on Google Chrome. so we discuss the easiest and simple process to Block Websites on  Chrome by both method with the help of extension and without extension.

There should be many reasons to block some websites on your computer. Some websites contain malware or viruses which can harm device laptop or PC, contain non-useful material or even that can try to steal your important and secure data. While the limit of avoiding these sites exceeded. In such type of cases, it must be best to block that type of websites. Because there is no supplement then.

There are so many different ways to Block Websites on Chrome. You can block websites on specific browsers or on the entire operating system and on your network router also. So, friends let’s discuss some of the specific methods to Block Websites on Chrome (Google Chrome).

Method 1:- How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Firstly we talk about the method to Block Websites on Chrome without using any extension. If you want to prevent your computer from your child in the house and want to control the websites which that can surf or if you want to blocks some sites for yourself. Then you have to create a user profile as a supervisor which lets you see that which sites user visits, blocked apps and extensions, open on Safe Search and finally you can block websites.

To start this feature in Chrome let’s follow the following steps.

  • You have to go the three-dotted icon at the top-right corner and then go to Settings.How to Block Websites on Google Chrome
  • Then in the option of  “People” select“Manage other people.”How to Block Websites on Google Chrome
  • Now a new tab opens, in the new tab click “Add Person,”  and create a username and choose the “Supervise this person” box, then select“Save”.How to Block Websites on Google Chrome
  • Next, visit, select the supervision option. Then Go to “Permissions” click “Manage.”
  • Here you have to control the websites which user can visit or not.
  • And at last, to switch the user, again move to Chrome Settings, choose“Manage other people” and click “Supervised user.”How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Friend you can easily Block Websites on Google Chrome by using thee simple methods. Now let’s talk about second method Block Websites on Chrome by using chrome extensions. That method was without using extension no talk about with using chrome extension.

Method 2:- How to Block Websites on Chrome

Google Chrome contains some inbuilt feature which allows blocking some websites. But you have to download them. You have to just download an extension and to add in chrome. which block sites automatically which you want.

  1. First of all, go to “three dots” option in the right corner of your tab.
  2. Now select “tools”, and under “tool” option choose select “extension”.How to Block Websites on Chrome
  3. Scroll down and select to add “more extension”.How to Block Websites on Chrome
  4. Now you see that a new tab of “chrome web store”  will open.
  5. Search for “Block site” in search toolbar.
  6. Select “Block Site” and tap on add to chrome.How to Block Websites on Chrome
  7. Then that extension downloads automatically and added to chrome.
  8. Now you have to move again in extension.
  9. Select “more option” under that extension “block site”.How to Block Websites on Chrome
  10. Now add that site which you want to block.
  11. And in this extension, you can block adult site directly without typing URL.
  12. You can also set a password for the safety of that extension.How to Block Websites on Chrome

Friends when you try to open blocked site then you find that a message that “website is blocked. And one of the most important features of this site is that you can redirect your blocked site to another site. Which means you blocked facebook and redirected it to twitter then if you open facebook then it automatically open the twitter. You can block content by just typing one word also.

So, friends, you see we have discussed the two most used and simple ways to Block Websites on Google Chrome in just a few steps. it is really easy to Block Websites on Chrome.

Final Words:

This Article was about How to Block Websites on Google Chrome / How to Block Websites on Chrome. I hope this article about “How to Block Websites on Google Chrome” you found helpful it.if you like this article How to Block Websites on Chrome please share it with your friends. Thanks



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