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How to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone/Unlock iPhone

Today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic “How to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone”.I think you excited to know about it how to Bypass iCloud Activation because that’s a security of your iPhone and how you can break it. When your iPhone will be stolen and someone doesn’t misuse your iPhone so Apple .Inc Provide this security in their Devices. If someone wants to use your iPhone first they need to Unlock iCloud on iPhone. After that, they can use your iPhone.So let’s Start the Topic.

iCloud activation lock

iCloud activation lock is a most important feature to Find My iPhone function. Once you have enabled Find My iPhone on your Device. it will require the iCloud password all the time when others people will be trying to Deactivate your Find My iPhone function on your iPhone, delete your data, or reactivating and use your phone. If your iOS device is lost or stolen. Then you can enable Find My iPhone feature and it will lock your iPhone with the owners’ Apple ID account. Which means that the device will require the original Apple ID and password if someone else wants to enter the device.

We can say that iCloud activation lock is designed for security purpose. It prevents your personal stuff on your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple from the wrong hands.

There is a big problem if you bought a used iPhone/iPad with this feature enabled on the Device, or you have found someone’s lost iPhone. Then You face the problem how can you unlock it or get the compulsory details about the phone owner? in that case, the only solution is to bypass iCloud activation lock. Today, we will discuss this problem you and tell the two simple and quick methods to quickly remove the iCloud activation lock.

Quickest way to bypass iCloud activation lock

We will discuss the best method to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone. These are mostly used the method to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone by peoples.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone

Method 1:- iPhone iCloud Unlock

  • Press the Home button toggle and then select the “Wi-Fi Settings“. In the Wi-Fi network list, select the “i” symbol beside the WiFi which you want to connect.How to Bypass iCloud on iPhone.
  • After selecting the “i”, you will be reached to the network settings. Remove the existing DNS, and enter the new one DNS, according to your location.How to Bypass iCloud on iPhone.

DNS FOR According Their Areas. 

USA/North America users, the new DNS is

Europe users, the new DNS is

Asia users, the new DNS is

other area users, the new DNS is

  • After Entering the new DNS, click on “Back”, and then click “Activation Help”.How to Bypass iCloud on iPhone.

The above-detailed method is proved to be effective to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone from iOS 8 to iOS 9.2, or iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.4, iOS 10. And If you want to remove iCloud activation lock on other versions, you can also try.

When you complete the above steps successfully, you get a message that “You are successfully connected to my Server”, which clearly means that your device is activated.

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METHOD 2:-   Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently

The above-discussed method is a temporary method and if you want to permanent bypass iCloud activation on iPhone. Then this method is helpful for you. It is also the best option to permanently remove iCloud Activation lock or bypass iCloud activation on iPhone.  You have to just follow the steps.

  • Click on the ‘Menu’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Crash’, Then your device will restart, where you can see the logo of Apple.Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently
  •  And When your device restart, you have to choose ‘Language and Country’, tap the ‘Home’ button and select on More Wifi Settings

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently

  • Select the “i” symbol which is next to the Wi-Fi network, come down and press the Menu in the “HTTP PROXY” section.Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently
  • Now delete address bar completely which is already filled and select on ‘Globe’  icon which is on the keyboard. Now in the ‘Port’ region, write down 15-30 randomly characters and enter ‘b’. Then press the ‘Back’ button and select “Next”.
  •  After that, the unlock screen on your iPhone, and you will see languages option. Now slide the Unlock and select the language until the home screen of your device shows up.Bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently

so friends that were the method of permanent bypass iCloud activation on iPhone.

METHOD 3:- Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone via Unlocks

If you want to do it more simply and want the quick solution to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone, then this solution is also best for you.

  • Visit the official iPhone Unlock website and Choose iCloud Unlock.
  •  Firstly, you have to select the model of your device and IMEI number of your Device also. Then complete the payment process and wait for 1-3 days, And then your phone become unlocked.

Final Words:

Guys this article Was About “How to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone”. I hope you liked this article and found it helpful. if you like this article please share with your friends and help your friends.