How To Install KingRoot on PC || Root Android with PC 2019

Sometimes we want to root our android device via using PC but when we install Kingroot on our Pc we are getting confused because of king root available only on the Chinese language that we don’t know. Now what we can do to install it. So have a solution for you to install kingRoot on PC just follow the given steps and install kingRoot on pc. Now do the steps and install KingRoot on your PC. KingRoot is the one of the best Rooting App for PC and Android If you want to Root Android Without PC then you can use Kingroot App that available for Android Device.

How To Install KingRoot On PC

Kingroot setup is available in the Chinese Language, Do you know the Chinese Language?

Here I am Going to talk about full instructions for Kingroot installation in English With Chinese. you can
install easily Kingroot after reading the full instructions to install. Before Root Android With PC

  1. Run setup “KingRoot.Exe
  2. Click on “下一個” For Next and to go to the next screen. Don’t Click on “取消” if you want to cancel the process then click on“取消”.How To Install KingRoot on PC
  3. Select“協議條款” For Agreement To Terms, And Click on “下一個” For Next.
  4. Choose the file location that there you want to install Kingroot in your PC.And You can make it default also And now click on “下一個” For Next.
  5. Now Click on “安裝” for Install Kingroot In your PC. And Wait for Copying installation files.
  6. Kingroot.exe will installed now in your PC. Click on “完成” for complete or finish the Installation

Kingroot successfully installed on pc now. You can root your Android Device. 


This article was about How to Install KingRoot on PC. I hope Now you can Install KingRoot on PC Easily without any problem. And you can root your Device by Computer just follow Rooting Steps of its. Now you Question that How To Install KingRoot on PC is clear.