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How To Make A Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes

Hello friends, once again welcome to our website learnhax.net. Here you will always find the exact and right tricks about respectively topic. So, friends, we will discuss today a very interesting topic for Twitter users “How to Make a twitter bot in 5 minutes”. so now lets start.

The bot is a program that runs in the background and when it encounters a command, it performs some action. For instance, you can have a grammar bot that looks for tweets containing misspellings and tweets the correct spelling.

A Twitter bot can automatically favorite or retweet your tweets that matched certain criteria. It can follow the Twitter user who has tweeted a particular phrase. A brand may build an auto-reply bot that automatically responds when the brand gets a @mention Twitter. You may have a bot that auto-sends a DM (direct message) to users who follow you on Twitter. @Learnhax will tell you the Uber fare between any two locations.

If you want to Make a twitter bot, then it is a very simple and easy process there is no need to be expert in coding Skills and another programming. You can make a twitter bot just in 5 minutes only by following the steps of making a twitter bot. And most of Twitter bots on the Internet needs some understanding in Python, Node.js or Ruby, process to make a twitter bot are hosted on Google servers and require “zero” programming. The Twitter Bots are internally designed by using Google Scripts for Twitter users.

How to Make a twitter bot

Let’s see the step by step guidelines for How to make a twitter bot.

  1. You have to Create a new account on Twitter which will work as a bot.
  2. Then go to apps.twitter.com, sign-in with your new Twitter account and make a Twitter application.How To Make A Twitter Bot
  3. Now You have to give your app a name, description and have to put any URL in the website field.  Click Agree to the developer terms and condition and finally submit the form.How To Make A Twitter Bot
  4. When your Twitter app has been created,  you have to click Modify App Permissions under Application Settings and do change the level of access to reading, Write and permit Direct Messages.How To Make A Twitter Bot
  5. After that switch to the Keys and Access Tokens tab and select the Create My Access Token button. Twitter app generate the Consumer Keys automatically and Access tokens that we will need sure in a next step.How To Make A Twitter Bot
  6. Now open the Twitter bots application.
  7. After that, you have to fill the Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Secret which were generated in step 3.How To Make A Twitter Bot
  8. Next, you have to specify the search phrase ton the bots. The software will find all new tweets that match the search phrase and process all them, one at a time.
  9. Now push Save button to initialize the Twitter bot. That’s all. The bots are now started and they will automatic-run in the background.How To Make A Twitter Bot

Friends that are the stepwise detail to make a twitter bot For twitter users. Twitter users can easily make a twitter bot by just following these simple steps.Twitter provides to Twitter users certain automation rules but the gist is that your bots must not be used for spamming. We tell you some legitimate uses cases where automated Twitter bots can prove handy.

Some legitimate uses cases where automated Twitter bots can prove handy

  • If you want to change your Twitter users name, set an auto-DM bot for the old account. Because of your new followers know your new screen name.
  • When Twitter users are offline during specific hours. Please set out of official replies so people can expect a delayed response at that time.
  • You can also follow users or list them to a Twitter list who regularly tweets on particular topics or Whose Twitter users profile (bio) matches your search condition.

Now Twitter users follow the steps and use your own bots by creating just in 5 minutes only.

Final Words:

Hey! Guys this article was about “How to make a twitter bot”. I hope you liked this article. and Understood the process of how to make a twitter bot. If you have any Question in your mind then you can comment your question about this article to make a Twitter bot. Thanks