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How to remove RAR password without any software

In many cases when you download any file, movie, video etc and it comes with password protected zip file. Then we became frustrated. And it becomes hard to open the file. So friends in this article we will discuss that how to remove RAR password without any software or online Winrar password remover. These methods are really amazing.

Rar file is a compressed version of many large files into a single small file. It is easy to transmit, so on the internet, you will find most of the file in rar or zip format. They are very helpful as they save space and easy to transfer anywhere. But they become a problem when protected with a password. If you can want to open a RAR file and it is encrypted with a password, you don’t authorize it without the password. But friends by following these simple steps you can easily open a RAR password protected file.

First Method  to remove RAR password

  • First, open your password protected RAR file with Notepad or Notepad++. Download Notepad++
  • Now search for these keywords in second line Ûtà and  ’IžC0.
  • And replace them with the word mentioned below.Replace Code


Final Step:

  • Replace Ûtà with 5³tà’
  • Replace ’IžC0 with IžC0
  • Save this file and open it with Winrar. Now it will not ask you for the password.


Now you can easily open rar file without the password or you can also extract it. Its so easy now you can open any password protected RAR file for free and without any software.It works 100 %.

Friends this method was offline but there is an online method also which helps to open password protected RAR file online by following just simple steps. if you want to go technically and online then this method is made up for you.in this process firstly your file uploaded to site then after that convert and then you have to download that file. But downloaded file has not any password so you can easily open this file. Now let’s go through the total steps of this method.

Second method online Winrar password remover

You can remove password from a RAR file online also. this is an online Winrar password remover Website. The file will be converted into zip format at the same time. While converting the RAR file into ZIP, Online Zip Converter also unlocks the file. So, you can use this online Winrar password remover method quickly. Now see the steps to remove password from RAR file online.

  • First of all open Online Zip Converter.ONline Zip Convertor
  • Click on Choose File.
  • Then select the RAR file which you have to remove the password and wants to openUpload File
  •  Click on Convert File button.
  • The file will be first uploaded to the server. Then after that, It will then convert into a zip file.Convert File
  • New file does not contain any of the passwords. you can easily open that file.
  • So friends by this method you can download any file which is protected with the password and remove very easily by following our steps which are discussed in detail in our article.


After reading this article carefully, You can easily crack any password protected RAR File without any software. You can use any of the two methods shared above. if you want to do offline then you can use our first method and you want to online Winrar password remover Method then you can use our second method. Both the methods are effective and 100% working to remove RAR password. There are a lot of other methods for convert RAR files. But I have come up with the easiest and most efficient way to online Winrar password remover and offline rar password remove method. There is also a lot of software for this purpose. But it takes a lot of time to download and use third-party software. And there are also a lot of problems in using that. These are the easiest method.