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How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android Phone

 How to install Dolby Atmos on Android :

If  you are looking the process of installation Dolby Atmos on Android Phone. Then this article is best for you because in this article we tell you How to install Dolby Atmos on Android phones without Root. We promise that this article fulfill your all requirement. After reading this article there is no need to read another article on to How to install Dolby Atmos on Android Phones. Dolby atmos released in 2012.  This is used firstly in cinemas.You can install Dolby atmos in device of operating system kit kat, lollipop, marshmallow, jelly bean, nougat.

I think You like to listen music with equalizer because you are searching How to install this app on Android Phone without root. so Dolby Atmos is best option for you. Many people searched about the installation process but they became unsatisfied. but i tell the exact process of install this app on android phone.

Dolby atmos is next generation surround sound technology. In using this app battery life of an android device matter few. Sound output also plays a crucial role to judge your phone so audio quality should be high to show your android phone between your friends. this app helps you fully. And you  can show your phone between friends that audio quality of your phone is best. you can also this app while jogging and running and free time even also in watching movies .

Mainly our phones have a default music player but if we want to listen music in our sound then Dolby is the best option.

Lets learn How to Install this  on android.

How to install Dolby Atmos on android phone running with lollipop, kitkat, marshmallow,nougat, jelly bean :

Some Mobile have already this app  that phone have not any need to install Dolby Atmos. Now the phones which have not this app, Don’t worry it is not very hard process it is  very simple process. there is no need of root and it takes only 4-5 minutes. any other music app can not satisfy you if you will use DOLBY ATMOS one time.

now learn the full process of installation . you can listen song in Dolby Atmos according to you needs or requirement. now Come to topic How to install this app.

Features of Dolby Atmos-


  • you can equalize your music
  • you change increase vibration intensity
  • High Quality Voice
  • Give clear and crisp voice
  • Best and simplest app
  • free of cost

these are advantages of Dolby Atmos. you get more advantages after install Dolby Atmos.

Requirement to use Dolby Atom

  • Dolby Atmos Zip File
  • Custom recovery mode
  • Patience

Steps for How to install Dolby Atmos on android phone:

guys i think you have read requirement to install Dolby Atmos on android phone. So now Lets start the process of install.

  1. Download Dolby Atmos Zip file on your device.
  2. Put this Zip file on your sd card
  3. Switch off your android phone
  4. Boot your device into recovery mode by pressing power button+volume keys    ( every device have different method so firstly search for your phone)
  5. Now click At on install
  6. Select zip file from your sd card.
  7. Wait for some time
  8. Now reboot your device.
  9. Enable the app from settings.

that’s all guys this is the complete process to install Dolby Atmos In android device.

After Installed 

if you want to further fine tune your androids audio, you can also enable one of the any equalizer or create your own profile manually. The changes are applied automatically. so there is no need to reboot or restart any of app after making new adjustment. the changes was noticeable when you use speakers.

I hope you successfully installed Dolby Atmos. That was so easy.

Now enjoy Dolby Atmos in your android phone.

How to Uninstall DOLBY Atmos:-

You learned the process of installation. but people also face the problem to uninstall this app now we learn the process of uninstall this app.This is also helpful article as before here you learn the complete process of uninstall. People also tired by uninstalling this app. But after reading this app they became really happy because this is not fake process. As the install process was simple the same is here. this is very simple process.

Steps to be followed to uninstall the app:-
  • Download UNINSTALLER.ZIP file on your phone.
  • Open recovery mode as you opened it in installation process.
  • Click on install button.
  • Navigate to folder where you have downloaded Uninstaller zip.
  • Select and swipe to flash the downloaded zip file.
  • After flashing it successfully, reboot your phone

ALL RIGHT you have uninstall that application successfully. that was very simple . Do you think that was hard????absolutely not i think.


As I told above Dolby Atmos is the best app. for android to listen your music in your style.It is awesome app. than your default music player. it fulfilled your  requirement with cool and awesome music. It have best audio effect features. Your default music player in your phone does not have also equalizer but it gives you the best feature of equalizer.By which you can hear cool and awesome music.If you install this app once. then you will not uninstall it because this can satisfy by all requirement. This app take out our music one step more. Another way to install this app is to root phone but this is the best because there is no need to root. so i suggest this process only.

I told all the process of installation and uninstall clearly so u have not to worry about this work in your phone or not. i told the process of all android system like kit kat, marshmallow, jellybean, lollipop and nougat.

that was the whole process of install Dolby atmos, doesn’t matter which is your phone

you can follow this process to download app and install this article fully help you. if you feel boring this app because all people in the world have different choice and u don’t feel comfortable with this app  then you can uninstall this app therefore i told the uninstall process also. I told the whole process very easily you don’t feel any problem with our article. I covered all the topic about Dolby Atmos so you don’t feel any problem.

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