iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use

Today we are going to discuss a very interesting and important topic “iPhone Camera Features Professional Photographer Should Use”.

Friends if you are fond of clicking pictures or selfie and want to develop your photography skills. Then you need to know the secret or hidden iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use. Today we will discuss all the secret iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use. Uses of these features will help you capture a memorable moment and compose an excellent shoot to the work which you need to do in the editing mode.

You will also learn an easy and best suitable way to access all of the photos you took at some specific location. In this article, we shall look at the most important iPhone camera features. Which every iPhone photographer needs compulsory to know and should be used.

iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use

 Swipe Left For Quick Access to Your iPhone Camera

You see one thin many time when you see the opportunity to click a photo and you need to open your camera instantly. The fastest way to take a shot at that time is to use your iPhone’s camera by simply accessing shortcuts. Then you can swipe up the screen from the bottom to up, then you have to select the camera icon at the bottom.If you are not using your phone at that time, then push the home button to switch the screen on, then swipe left to right to open the camera. You can also swipe left when your phone is locked when you have clicked, it will go back and locked again. It is also an iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use.

Then the camera will open fastly. You have not any need to enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone Camera. By using this trick you can instantly start shooting in less than a minute.

Turn On The Grid iPhone Camera

You have seen the grid on your iPhone many times when you set up a pose, but probably you might not know what this feature means?. Mainly, the grid divides the screen into nine portions and that help you to compose the photo like an expert photographer. This is also the best iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use.  The first rule says that always keep your subject at one of the intersecting lines. if you do not want your matter in the center of that photo. The intersecting lines also help you to straighten out the horizontal when you’re clicking a landscape mode. If you don’t find the grid then open your camera, go to Settings, Photos, and Camera and then click on the Grid option to on.

Shoot in Burst Mode

Burst Mode clicks 10 consecutive photos in just one second by pressing and holding the shutter release. For action mode photography, this mode can help you to eliminate blur. This mode is also a good option for clicking portrait photo, especially when you want to take a photo of a friend’s group. Within that one second, you can be able to shot photo. Though it’s not compulsory to use Burst Mode when clicking a landscape picture, it may help you to get the best lighting possible if the clouds are quickly moving. Burst mode is an also best iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use.

Take HDR Photos iPhone Camera  

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, is another a great iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use that’s inbuilt iPhone Camera Features of your iPhone. HDR photography can combine three different conditions to create one properly exposed image. It is best for high contrast pictures with bright and dark portions of which allows you to capture more pics in both the shadows and the highlights. The HDR mode adds more feature in the bright clouds and the darker foreground, as well as more vivid colors throughout all the complete scene.

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You can access the HDR setting on the left side of your camera app. Tapping on HDR feature gives you three options: Auto, On or Off.

In normal condition, it’s best to use HDR for landscape mode photos and scenes where the sky comes as a large part of your image. HDR photos also take a longer time to capture a photo, so your hand can move when the shutter will open.

It’s also important to notice that non-HDR photos will many times look much better than HDR photos, Then it’s a good idea to save both of the photos. To make ensure that both versions are saved, go to Settings > Photos & Camera, and ensure that Keep Normal Photo is turned on in the HDR mode.

Geotag your photos iPhone Camera Features

When you enable the geotagging feature, your iPhone will automatically record the location of your photos. Then you’ll be able to search for images based on location. To enable the geotagging feature, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, then set the Camera option to While Using the App.
If you have turned the geotagging feature on, you can find the location name at the top of the photo. If you tap Details, you can get more info about the photo. To see all of the images you click in a particular location, press the Search icon at the top of the app, write the name of that location and then choose the one which you want from the menu. To see your images on a map, go to the Places album. If you select Grid at the top, you can view your all photos in a list.

Use the timer to prevent camera shake iPhone Camera

iPhone Camera Features

Sometimes you see pressing the shutter release is much enough to shake the camera and this results in a blurry photo. This particularly hard occurs when you’re trying to shoot with one hand. By using the built-in timer, you can capture your shot and then set either a 3 second or 10 seconds lag. Once the timer’s counted down, it will capture 10 photos in a single row so that you can choose the one you at best. This is also one iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use.


Friends, now you have to go through the most selective and important iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use. By using these features you can give a special effect to your photo by iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use. So, friends, these are special iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use.