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PUBG PC KEYBOARD CONTROLS | Key Game Controls For Emulator

PUBG is a battle royale game because it stands for Players Uknown BattleGround and also you can download from GooglePlay Store for free. I Will tell PUBG PC KEYBOARD CONTROLS Today. Basically friends, In this Game you go on the island and survive. There will 100 members go with you as your opponent, You fight with all to survive till the end. And also friends you find many guns, weapons, and other things on the island which help you to fight. One last standing man gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

So, friends, I tell you about PUBG PC KEYBOARD CONTROLS and Emulator Key controls for PUBG so because of control pc game but a very easy way.

Guys, you have a gaming keyboard for this, and also do not worry my friends if you do not have a gaming keyboard.

You can also play with the normal keyboard and so you can also attach a gaming controller for a laptop because of the control pc game However gaming keyboard gives very good control, therefore, it is good. These are so the default Emulator Key controls for PUBG because they come automatically when you download PUBG.

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Dear Friends, Here we go:


Basic Emulator Key controls for PUBG:
  • Movement = W/A/S/D
  • Sprint = Left Shift
  • Walk = Left Ctrl
  • Jump = Space Bar
  • Crouch = C
  • Prone = Z
  • Interact = F
  • AutoRun = or Numlock
  • Freelook = Left ALT
  • Toggle Camera = V

Now, control pc game Guys below are also Driving gaming controller for Emulator for PUBG:

  • Drive Movement = W/A/S/D
  • Horn = LMB
  • Boost = Left Shift 
  • HandBrake = SpaceBar
  • Vehicle Seat 1/5 = Ctrl + 1/5

Air Pitch control pc game-

  •  Down = Left CTRL
  • Up = Space Bar
  • left = Q
  • Right = E

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Swimming Emulator Key controls for PUBG are below:

  • Swim Movement = W/A/S/D
  • Up = Space Bar
  • Down = C

gaming keyboard controls to use loot ITEMS:

  • Medikit Use = 7
  • First Aid Use = 8
  • Bandage Use = 9
  • Boost Item Use = 0


  • Map = M
  • Inventory or BagPack = I / Tab
  • Delete My Marker = Delete
  • Toggle Option = O
  • UI Toggle = Ctrl + U
  • Item Quantity Control = Left Ctrl

Combat gaming controller for laptop Also :

  • Fire Weapon = Left Mouse Button
  • Targeting / Scope in = Right Mouse Button
  • Reload Gun = R
  • Select Next Weapon = Mouse Scroll Up
  • Select Previous Weapon = Mouse Scroll Down
  • Weapon 1 = 1
  • Weapon 2 = 2
  • Arm Side = 3
  • Melee Weapon Select = 4
  • Throwables = 5
  • Toggle Firing Mode = B
  • Zeroing Increase = Page Up
  • Zeroing Decrease = Page Down
  • Left Peek = Q
  • Peek Right = E
  • Unarm = X
  • Breath Hold = Left Shift
  • Grenade = G
  • Flash Bang Use = G
  • Smoke Bomb Use = G
  • Use Molotov = G

Also Sound gaming controller for a laptop for PUBG:

  • Mute Voice = CTRL+T
  • Master Volume Mute = CTRL+M
  • Voice Channel Switch = CTRL+Y
  • Push To Talk = T

Observer PUBG control pc game:

  • Spectator Cam = Left Mouse Button / V also
  • Follow Cam = Right Mouse Button / C also
  • Free Cam Space = Space Bar / F also
  • X-Ray Toggle = X
  • Player Tag Toggle = H
  • Camera Speed increase = Left Shift
  • Decrease Camera Speed = Left CTRL
  • Save Players 1-10 = CTRL + 1-10
  • Follow Saved Players 1-10 = ALT + 1-10
  • Cam Zoom In = Mouse Wheel Up
  • Zoom Out Cam = Mouse Wheel Down
  • Move Up Free Cam = E
  • Cam Move Down = Q

Custom gaming keyboard Emulator Key controls for PUBG

You also change default controls, but because of some players like controls so according to them, so Default Emulator Key controls for PUBG you can re-assign, this is your choice if you want to re-assign.

In some situation, it is good to assign Prone to V, not Z and also you also use a combination of key control pc game because to make easier so my friends, therefore, there are also many options you see because many emulators give you so you play easily.

So, lovely friends if you want to re-assign controls, however, on the other hand, you can find them in the control tab in-game.

Final Words

This is the end of the post, my sweet friends, I hope you find this post very helpful, so my dear friends if you have any other suggestions you can also feel free to comment us we will also reply. This Post was about PUBG PC KEYBOARD CONTROLS you can also play easily with your custom controls because you remember them very fast. I post different type controls categories and also give detail about PUBG BattleRoayle Mobile Game, So you Can play easily and because of a control pc game.