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Top 5 Quick Google Hacks Advanced Google Search

Today I’m going to share some Interested trick to Google Hacks or Advance Google Search, I Hope you like these Quick Google Hacks. First of all, I want to tell you What is Google Search Hacks? Google Search Hacks are these tricks which are consuming our time to search everything and they give more and helpful results as per our requirement.These Google Hacks Known as Advance Google Search. I will provide a list of quick Google Hacks/Advance Google Search and how these are works.

A List oF Quick Google Hacks Advanced Google Search

Google Hacks

Hacks Symbols

Symbols Name.

Search Exact Word

Double Quotation Mark

Ignore A Word


Search Particular Site:



Search Related Things



Search A Value



 Time Ranger


Double Dot

Search Exact Word :

How To Search an Exact word On Google Search? I think this Question rise to your mind Sometimes when you search something. But you don’t find that which you want to search.Don’t worry guys, you can do it, just follow the given Google Hacks Or Google Search Hacks Trick.

Let’s start:

  1. First of all open on your browser.
  2. After that type your keywords which you want to search on Google with Double Quotation Mark (“), ( Example: “Quick Google Hacks” / “Advanced Google Search”/ “Learnhax” )
  3. Now you see your results that results you found Exact for your keywords.

Quick Google Search Hacks, Google hacks

Ignore A Word:

sometimes you want to ignore some related searches but you can’t do this, so here I want to let you know how to Ignore a word from Google Search and search your word. its an awesome Quick Google hacks trick and Google advanced search.Now follow the given steps and Do this.

Let’s start:

  1. Open Google Search on your browser.
  2. Now type your keywords which you want to search and type a word which you want to ignore with Minus (-) Example : ( Linux OS -Kali {Here Kali is  Ignored by Google search} ) in this step google ignore kali and show you other Lixun OS like:- Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.
  3. You can see your Results on your  Display

Search Particular Site:

This is another Google search hacks for you to search a particular Website on google search with a particular let me tell you how can you do it.

Let’s start:

  1. First of all open Google search for search your result or which you want to search
  2. Now type Site with colon and type the site name with your keyword Example: ( About Author).  In this search results, you found  About Learnhax’s Author at on the first result.
  3. As it is you can search your results and find easily your Keyword data with this Advanced Google Search.

Quick Google Search Hacks, Google hacks

Search Related Things:

Whenever you Know About Somethings and want to know about their related things, then how to search related things on Google Search? So Don’t worry you can do it by using this Advanced Google Search Features.these feature know as Quick Google Search Hacks for related things.Follow the given steps and do.

Let’s start:

  1. Open Google Search on PC or Mobile.
  2. After that type your Keywords which you want to search, related search type it with Tilde (~). Example: ( ~Learnhax )
  3. Now you Find out lots of results related to your keywords.

Search A Value:

This is an another Advanced Google Search Hacks trick. that’s very useful and helpful for because sometimes you need to know about some date or time of history but you face a problem to search that. let suppose you want to know the date and time of World War 3, now how can you search ? its very simple just follow the given steps.

Let’s start:

  1. First of all open on your browser.
  2. Now type your Keywords With Asterisk ( * ). Example: ( World War 3* )
  3. You can see now your Result on your Display.

Quick Google Search Hacks, Google hacks

 Time Ranger:

It’s a different Quick Google Search hacks to search content b/w time that means you can search anything between particular date Sometimes you need to read the news but you face a problem. Because you don’t know correct date now what you can do to read that news don’t worry let me tell you to do this to search a news easily. Follow the given steps to use Advanced Google Search.

Let’s start:

  1. First of all open Google Search on your browser.
  2. Now Write your keywords with Double Dot (..) Example: (LearnHax 2016..2017) According to this Example you see everting between 2016/2017 With Learnhax Keyword.
  3. As it is you found and see your News or any article between two particular times.

File Type Search

It’s a unique Advanced Google Search or Quick Google Search hacks. Using this Google Search Hacks you can find any file which you want to find its very helpful for students if you are a student then you can try this quick Google search Hacks trick.Sometimes you need to find a PDF, PPT, DOCX file but when you search your data then you see lots of results on Google search.Let Suppose you have to need to make a project on Computer, how you can do it Easily?let me tell you Just you download a ppt and edit it and make your project easily but you think how you can search a ppt file Directly. Now I will tell you how you can search a particular filetype Just Follow given Steps.

Let’s start:

  1. First of all open Google Search Engine on your browser.
  2. After that write your keywords with the file type and hit enter. Example: ( About Computer.ppt).
  3. now You can see ppt file Results which you want. As it is you can search another file type (PDF, DOCX) with help of this advanced Google Search Or Quick Google Search Hacks.

Quick Google Search Hacks, Google hacks

Final Words:

This Article Was About Quick Google Search Hacks / Advanced Google Search. I hope you like these all Google hacks and try these all Advanced Google Search Tricks to search your data. If have any Question about it you can ask me on a comment without hesitating and if you want to know more about Google hacks then comment on the comment box.If you like this Article then Share with your Friends on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, and any other Social Media Sites. Thanks.