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How To Recover Deleted Files || Deleted Photo Recovery 2019

“How to recover deleted Files on Android…!” and deleted photo recovery topic had me many times as my friends call me an android boy. And I am pretty sure you are also somewhat having the same issue. Well, let me first tell you that it’s possible and super easy as well. And to do so, you don’t need to be a programmer or anything like that.

Just walk with me through this article and you’ll be confident. And you can recover deleted files easily if you lost your important photos then you can “deleted photo recovery” also via using Deleted Photo Recovery Method that given in this article. Today I’ll tell you all the cool tips to get everything you’ve lost.

Recover deleted files Deleted Photo Recovery

NOTE: By “everything” I only mean lost files from your Android phone like pictures, docs, videos, etc. It’s Mostly like an accident when our data gets deleted. And there are a few cares before you start any Deleted Photo Recovery Method.

By using Recovery tools in PC Recover deleted files

Before starting any recovery …

  1. When you’ve deleted your important stuff, just make sure:
  2. Don’t save anything to your device, it’s better to switch it off.
  3. Turn on your internet connection to avoid any auto update.
  4. No changing in anything please means stop using your phone.
  5.  Try to recover as soon as possible.

Do you know why you need to perform a quick action?

It is very important as if you do save something new to your device, there are chances for your new data to be overwritten with the old recovered.

And do you know the best part?

Always try to keep the backup of your important stuff, so that you don’t have to reply on deleted photo recovery software. Here you can read more about making a backup of your android phone and deleted photo recovery By using Recovery tools in PC It’s most probably the case, that you’ll be in need to use a software tool to recover your data. And all the tools require you to follow a few simple steps.
In these tools, you can preview your files even before actually recovering them. It gives you a perfect sense of what are you going to regain.

Here are a few recommended:

Fonepaw Android data recovery
Dr.fone Android data recovery
Mobikin Doctor for Android
Android data recovery
Diskdigger undelete

Tools have added benefits along with deleted photo recovery.

1. You can scan your existing Files
2. You can make a backup of your data

No matter, which tool you are going to use, the steps involved in data recovery are quite similar.
I’ll be displaying example screens of “( FonePaw Android Data Recovery )” while explaining each step.

Step-01: Install and run Deleted Photo Recovery Software

Install data recovery software for the Android phone. Run the software and connect your Android phone with PC.

Step-02: Set your device to “USB debugging” mode

Set your phone to “USB debugging” option.

Here is how to do this for different versions of andiron OS:

For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to “Settings” ⇒ “Applications” ⇒ “Development” ⇒ ”USB debugging”.

If Phone Phone Run At On Android 3.0 – 4.1: Hit “Settings” ⇒ “Developer options” ⇒ “USB debugging”.

For Android 4.2 or newer: Hit “Settings” ⇒ “About phone” ⇒ Tap “Build number” for 7 to 10 times till the dialogue box “You are under developer mode” occurs. Then go back to “Settings” ⇒ “Developer options” ⇒ “USB Debugging”.

Step03: Select the File type to Recover

  • Hope it isn’t a tough step.
  • Once you’ve enabled USB debugging mode of your phone, the recovery tool will detect your device.
  • Once you’ve enabled USB debugging mode of your phone, the recovery tool will detect your device.
  • Up next, the software will show you the icons for different types. Like photos, videos messages, etc. It’s up to you which type you want to recover. Select your desired types and click next.

Select your desired types and click next.

Step-04: Give Permission from Android

  • After the previous step, it will check your device info, and will eventually ask you to “allow” root permission from your phone.
  • So, it’s time to get back to your mobile’s screen and tap on allow. By doing this you are actually accepting the tool’s request to root your device.
  • So, it’s time to get back to your mobile’s screen and tap on allow. By doing this you are actually accepting the tool’s request to root your device.
    Now get back to your computer. You may need to click “Retry” or “Next” whatever your installed software displays.
  • Now get back to your computer. You may need to click “Retry” or “Next” whatever your installed software displays.
    It will start scanning your device to display the deleted data.

Step-05: Preview and file selection

  • Device scanning may take a little time depending on the storage capacity of your device.
  • After that, it will display the files which can be recovered.
  • Review carefully, select your desired data.

Step-06: Recover

Finally, it’s time to hit the “Recover” button. The deleted photo recovery process is speedy as compared to previous ones.

 Important things about tools …

  • Now that you have seen how to Recover Deleted files on Android and Deleted Photo Recovery, you may ask which recovery tool should I actually install.
  • I mean there are a lot on the internet, even I have referenced more than five in this article.
  • Proper tool selection is a very important task to recover deleted files or deleted photo recovery, otherwise, you may fed-up by installing one after the other to and the best one.
  • Even if every tool has a description to recover every type of files, the end result may differ. Some of these may be handy with contact and messages while the other may give good results regarding deleted photo recovery and videos Recovery.

Recover deleted files: Deleted Photo Recovery

There are certain Android applications in Google play store which can get you to your Deleted Photo Recovery.
I have listed a few good ones:

Sr NoApp NameDescription
1Dumpster – Recycle binRecovers only Photos, Videos, and Documents
2GT Data RecoveryUsed only for Rooted devices.
3DiskDigger Photo RecoveryYou can save your recovered data to google drive, DropBox and direct email.
4Hexamob RecoveryOnly for rooted and can recover any type. Have added the feature of file shred to remove data permanently.
5Undelete Recover Files & DataIt is ranked in Google results. 🙂

iPhone Camera Features that Professional Photographer Should Use

Now let’s talk about the steps involved.
You may have an idea about the ease of using Android apps. Same is the case for data recovery apps mentioned above.
Just download and install the app and for rest piece of work Deleted Photo Recovery, the app will take you to get the job done.
Here is a pictorial explanation of “(Dumpster)” by the way. Now Going How to use Dumpster to recover deleted files or deleted photo recovery.

Step-01: Install Dumpster In your Device

The dumpster is available on play store. So you can go to play store and install it.
after installing, check the dumpster icon in your device.

Step-02: Open and Check Recycle Bin

After installation, open recycle bin (Dumpster) and check it.
some pic and music files find out inside of Dumpster, these files are pre-upload in this app for Example.
But here you looking at an empty recycle bin in given screenshot. because here all data erased by me from the inside of Dumpster.

Recover Deleted Files || Deleted Photo Recovery 2019

Step-03: How Your Data Deleted

When you Delete photo and your unwanted files, sometimes you select your important files by mistake and delete important files with unwanted files. If you face this problem sometime then you install Dumpster on your Android Device For safe your important files. If your important files are deleted by mistake, these files go on Recycle Bin And you can Deleted Photo Recovery these files safe and Easily.

Step-04: where is your Deleted Data

When your important files are deleted by mistake these files are drop-in Recycle Bin now check to recycle bin and select your important files for recovery.

Step-05: Recover

After selecting your important files click (touch) on Recover, now recover deleted files successfully. Go to your file location and Check your files or Data Which You Want To Recover Deleted Files.

DO you still have CONFUSION?

Hope I have answered your most queries like:
How do I delete photo recovery?
Can I Recover Deleted Files on my Samsung Galaxy s4?
How do I “Deleted Photo Recovery” from my Android phone?
How do you recover deleted Data or Recover Deleted Files?

I have given the example of Redmi Note 3, but what if you are using any other phone???
(PS: You can skip this Redmi Note 3 thing totally if you want) I don’t have Redmi Note 3, will this method work for me?

Well, it doesn’t matter which phone do you have. If it has the Android operating system, you are very good to do what I said. You’ll surely be happy that you’ve done it.

What exactly I can recover?

Simply putting into words, you can recover every type of data. Even your lovely WhatsApp conversations can be re-cherished.

And if I say exactly, here are all the file types:

  • Photos
  • Videos  
  • Music  
  • Text Messages  
  • Call logs  Contacts
  • All Document Files

Well, this info will surely resolve your problem with  Recover Deleted Files. I’d love to hear your feedback on any app or software tool in PC you already using. Feel super easy to ask anything you have trouble with.


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