Hello Guys, today in this tutorial you will learn how to remove system apps Without root in Android/how to Uninstall system apps Without root in Android. Do you know, what is system apps? And how to remove system Apps Without Root in Android And how to Uninstall system Apps Without Root in Android. If you don’t, what is system apps in an Android phone then I want to tell you What is System Apps  And How to Remove It From your Phone and Here I will tell you About their advantages and disadvantages.

Some system apps are useful but some apps are unwanted which is included in the system or pre-installed on our Android phone.And We need to remove system apps from Android Device (Remove Only Unwanted System Apps).

What is system Apps?

When we purchase a new phone some apps are pre-installed on our phone. (For ex. Gallery, Music player, contacts, phone caller etc). But some third party or unwanted apps also pre-installed in our device. (For ex. Flipkart, Amazon, saavn etc.). These all apps are called system apps. So how to remove and uninstall system apps from an android phone. Must read this tutorial and Learn How to Remove System Apps From Android.

How to Remove System Apps Without Root

We learn to remove system apps in the Android phone with the help of software this software known as Debloater. We are learning how to use this software for remove system apps from our Android phone. Some third party apps and ads are pre-installed in our device and these required to fully installed when the phone is connected with the internet connection. So if you want to remove these third party or system apps completely then follow this tutorial. I will tell you about it, how to remove system apps without root in android Uninstall System apps without root.

You are searching on Google, “how to remove or uninstall system apps in android” then find many search results about it, but you find out more results (tutorial) for rooted device. But here you find out how to remove system apps without root.

Tested And Working.

Redmi Note 3

Samsung E5

So I hope it worked successfully on other Device.


1. Download Debloater and install in your Computer.

2. Your Android phone must be running on Android Ver.> 4.4 or more

3. USB Debugging must be on (Enabled) in your Android Device.

4. The device driver must be properly installed on your computer.

5. The device must be connected properly to your Computer.

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Step—1: Enable USB Debugging

First of all, enable USB Debugging on your Device. Do you know? How Can Do It? Don’t worry if you Don’t know how to Enable USB Debugging. So read the Next Heading.

How to Enable USB Debugging?

Set your phone to “USB debugging” option. Here is how to do this for different versions of andiron OS:

  1. For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to “Settings”à “Applications”à “Development” à”USB debugging”.
  2. IN Android 3.0 – 4.1: Hit “Settings” à “Developer options” à “USB debugging”.
  3. For Android 4.2 or newer: Hit “Settings” à “About phone” à Tap “Build number” for 7 to 10 times till the dialogue box “You are under developer mode” occurs. Then go back to “Settings”à “Developer options” à “USB Debugging”.

Step—2: Proper connection.

Connect your Device to Computer by using DATA Cable. Check your PC port which port is working properly then insert the DATA in which Port and Connect your Device Properly With PC.

How To Check Device Connected Properly With PC?

Sometimes we will not decide our device properly connected or not because our PC saw it connected but device not connected properly. So I am telling you how to check it.

  1. First of all Going on Desktop of Computer then Right click on computer, after Right Click on my computer (“Win 8 or newer version have its only Computer name So Check it”). We will see some options. we seeing an option of manage in which options
  2. Now Click at on Manage.
  3. Again some options will be shown on with a new pop-up Windows.
  4. Here we can see an Option that Universal Serial Bus Controller (USB) and check inside it an option — USB Composite Device. If This option neither seeing in Universal Serial Bus Controller that means your Device is not Connected properly. So Re-Connect your Device.

Step—3 Run Debloater

After connecting your Device to PC see the Debloater icon on your PC desktop and run it. it may take 5 to 10 sec running properly. so wait to run it properly.

Step—4 Begin Or Find System Apps.

After opening Debloater, now you see a black screen in Debloater and some option, you see an option (“click here for Begin”), now you click on this option and wait. Now your system apps list on your screen.

Step—5 Remove System Apps.

After opening the system app list you are going to the Final step to remove system apps from Android Device without root.

  1. Double-click on an app which you want to remove or uninstall and disable from your device.
  2. Confirm that you Select Unnecessary Applications that not important for you or your daily use and that will be harmful to your Device.
  3. Now you Can Click on Apply Button And apply this Action to Remove System Apps From your Device

Your Unwanted Apps Uninstall Successfully Right Now.


You will select only unwanted apps for remove from your device. (For Ex. Mail Apps). First, you Confirm, You Didn’t select any system required apps, because some apps are necessary for running the operating system properly, (For Ex. Any Firmware apps). So carefully use this software to remove any app And make this operation at your own risk, I am not responsible for any fault in your device.

Enjoy With this tutorial.