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See All Your Google Contacts on Google Map

Hello dear friends once again welcome to LEARNHAX. I think you are enjoying our articles.In this article we talk about how to see All Your Google Contacts on Google Map.

Today we are going to describing one another and very interesting topic.Friends now I am going to tell one more interesting thing. How many of the peoples of you saw the Famous movie “HARRY POTTER”?????. In this movie Harry have used a map on which all the people are located with their real location and their names. That map helps very much to Harry Potter.

So people when i saw that movie i decided that one day i will also share such type of thing in my article. So people today I discussed one such type of topic.

Now a days all people use Google  map when they travel on unknown root. Google maps also tells the best short and traffic less root . People this is very famous feature of Google company. We all know that Google is one of the Greatest and top most search engine. it is not only a just search engine this also gives us the storage of 15 Gb free. In this we can save our document, images. Friends Do you know we can save our Contacts on Google also.

SO Friends We can make Our Google  map like as Harry’s map on which we can see the exact location of our friend on Google map just in single step by saving their contact number on Google. Friends in this article we will discuss about how to see All Your Google Contacts on a Google Map. You can mark out all the Google Contacts on Google map.It’s really a pretty simple process. If someone’s address is  available in your Google Contacts list. You can easily find their address on the Google map by searching for their name. If you search for an address, you can see any contacts matching that same address.

Steps To See All Your Google Contacts on Google Map

Follow These Steps to get All Your Google Contacts on Google Map:

Step:1 Allow Permissions

  • At first you have to launch Google map and give all the permissions to authorize. This is very compulsory and mandatory step to authorize this map. Because Map needs to read your contacts from google. Map also need  access to Google Drive.

Step:2 copy the spreadsheet to google Drive

  • Now You have to do one thing copy the spreadsheet to google Drive. The spreadsheet contain custom labelled menu as google contacts. Click that and go to the option initialize and authorize and click on that. This process can take few minutes because it depends on your contact list that how much long that was??

Step:3 Create KML file

  • After the complete process is done or completed. Then again go to google contacts menu and choose to generate a Google Map embedded in an HTML file or create KML file. This file is generated and emailed to google address automatically.

Step:4 Install Google Earth

  • If you have not installed The  Google map earth then firstly install that. You can do this by clicking on Google Earth simply.

And if you have already installed then open that file on your laptop,PC,mobile to view the map.But if you would prefer to use online Google Maps you will just need to upload the file and then copy the link into Google Maps. Use Dropbox.

After completing all the method.  You just see the beautiful and glorious google map with all of your Google contacts on Google map with names which you have saved on google. Now you can use that map very easily. You can see where is your friend on a map. this is very very most interesting thing, guys you can see that.


Guys in this article we told the process of being Harry potter. By using this article you can be Something something like Harry Potter. Because he also see the map of their school. Many time by using that map  he found many PISACH. You can also see your all friends on google map just by saving their Google contacts on Google map. You can see their exact location.