Set Android USB Debugging Mode || Android Developer Options 2019

Today we describe in this article how to set Android USB Debugging Mode at your device that a special thing of an Android device which permitted to you connect your android device with the PC to make the change in your device. In another way Android USB Debugging Mode an Android Developer Options. when we want to root android Device by Computer then we have to need to turn our device at Set Android USB Debugging.

android developer options || USB Debugging

Here a method is given for you to turn your device at USB Debugging Mode Easily. When your device turns on USB Debugging Mode then you can install Everything on your device from the Computer. Now we going on to Steps for the set android at USB  Debugging Mode. After doing it you can remove pre-installed apps from your device.

Pre-Installed Apps

These apps are already installed in the device when we purchase a new device some apps are useless that have no role in our requirements. So we want to remove it these apps do slow our device so you can remove these unwanted apps. When your device root or set Android USB Debugging Mode.

Follow the given steps an do the turn on Android USB Debugging mode. Lets Start.

Steps To Set Android USB Debugging Mode

Set your phone to “USB debugging” Mode.

Here is how to do this for different versions of Android OS:

For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to “Settings” ⇒ “Applications” ⇒ “Development” ⇒ ”USB debugging”.

If Phone Phone Run At On Android 3.0 – 4.1: Hit “Settings” ⇒ “Developer options” ⇒ “USB debugging”.

For Android 4.2 or newer: Hit “Settings” ⇒ “About phone” ⇒ Tap “Build number” for 7 to 10 times till the dialogue box “You are under developer mode” occurs. Then go back to “Settings” ⇒ “Developer options” ⇒ “USB Debugging

Android USB Debugging Mode

Another Android Developer Options

android developer options

  • OEM Unlocking
  • Picture Colour Mode
  • Select Debug App
  • Logger Buffer Size
  • Enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging
  • Select USB Configuration


This Article was about how to set Android at USB Debugging Mode in Different Versions. I hope you like it and do the turn your android at USB Debugging Mode and root your device successfully. And you can remove pre-installed apps easily from your Android device. If you found it helpful then share with your friends and like it if you like it. one more Thing once you try android developer options to make your Device Fast.