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The Best SMS App for Android is made by Microsoft

Hello Guys, welcome to LEARNHAX with one another interesting article’The Best SMS App for Android is made by Microsoft’.

Friends there are a lot of SMS apps on Google play store by which we can chat send SMS, MMS, emoji and many much more. The most popular Massaging Apps on play store for messaging is facebook messanger , whatsapp, twitter and instagram and many more. True caller also which identify your unknown number. Google has also its messaging app. By which you can chat and send SMS and emoji video chat, audio call and much more.

In earlier time when facebook and whatsapp was not popular, SMS is one of the most used features on mobile phones. After the introduction of famous messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. The use of SMS has reduced to very much extent. You can transfer multimedia, group chat, video/audio call and a lot more than just text messaging. In fact people use this because these are cheaper also.

Friends In this article I introduce a new very familiar SMS app or Massaging App developed by Microsoft. If you test all the SMS apps or Massaging Apps, after testing you really like the SMS Organizer app.It is SMS app developed by Microsoft. This software is available for free on play store in most of the countries.It has some unique feature which you have really like.

Features of Microsoft SMS Organizer


    Many times we signup for many sites online by using our phone numbers. Some sites require 2-factor authentication. For example Bank needs OTP for every transaction. These sites sent a verification code to our phone numbers which we called OTP(one time password). To use that code we firstly come to inbox and we open that particular message and copy that code and after that we again go on to that sites and paste that code. And in many cases we remember that code. But in this app this process is very easier. It’s process is straightforward. It detects the message which contain code and paste on site automatically on that particular site which sent that. So you have no need to open sms app.


    Many times it becomes a very big problem that we delete some of our important message. And to retrieve that we go here and there but there is no profit. This sms app overcome this problem. It stays connected with your google drive. So it backup your message to your google automatically. You can open that on any device PC Or New phone again. These message became save permanently if you don’t delete them from google drive. It is the best feature of this application.

  • Timely Reminders

    Friends in daily busy life we need to remind some important work which we forget very easily. It is the normal problem of peoples so there is need to remind. If you use this  sms app  than there is no need to download any another  reminder app. You can use it to remind also.

  • Send Free SMS

    Friends if you are using SMS Organizer then you can send up 30 message for free of cost every month to any user.

  •  Important Message can be Starred

    Regardless of how much old SMS are,this sms app classifies them into promotional and important categories instantaneously. Important SMS can be ‘starred’ so that it’s easier for you to come back to them later.

  • Productivity Boost

    If you use SMS for work also then this sms app helps you to boost productivity. SMS organizer block all spam messages. And you are not disturbed in your work.


Friends this sms app is very helpful and it has so much more helping feature not having other apps. Friends we discussed all the special feature of this sms app. So you can understand it is really helpful.I Hope you Like This SMS App. If you Like this Article Please Share It With your Friends And Relatives.