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Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2018

Hello Guys, Welcome to LearnHax. Today I am going to share Top 10 Hidden Android Features That you don’t Know About these Features Because Every people don’t think about Hidden Android Features. Lots of people use SmartPhones that running at on Android Operating System. So, Guys, Every SmartPhone user want to know more about their features. SmartPhone have many normal features that we think and use daily life but it has some other features. So, guys, I will tell you about these Hidden Android Features. So read this article and learn a Hidden Android Features Trick.Here Some Awesome and Useful tricks are available in this article.

Top 10 Hidden Android Features

1. Using Google Chrome as a File Directory

Hello, Guys here I am going to share a trick how you can use Google Chrome as a File Manager in your Android Phone. I Don’t know how it is useful for you or not. But I think, maybe you should Know about this Hidden Android Feature. You can use Google Chrome As a File Manager If you want to use it then follow the given simple Steps:


  1. Open Google Chrome On your Android SmartPhone
  2. Type File Directory (Location) Like => File:///sdcard/foldername in the URL bar and search.

2. Stop Android Activities After Closing It

Your Phone Processing Unit If Slow then you can try this trick. I hope you like it Because it improves your Phone’s Processing Speed. Some Useless Applications are running in Background Means These Applications run but don’t show you. But many users don’t know you can operate manually and Stop these Apps. When the Users Don’t Know About it Then their Phone’s Processor Works Slowly. So stops All BG Running Apps And Enjoy with high Processing Speed. How Can Stop these Activities? Just Follow The Given Steps.


  1. Open Settings and go to Developer Options
  2. Tap on Don’t Keep Activities
  3. You can Rollback Just Unticking this.

3. Simulate Color Space

Many Users Don’t Know About this Hidden Feature. Do you know What is Simulate Color Space? Don’t Worry, If you don’t Know I will tell You what is Simulate Color Space. You can change your Android Phone Display Color With the help of this Trick. you can add a light color filter on your Android Phone Display Which is helpful for your Eye Vision. How can you do it? Just Follow the Given Steps And you can do it.


  1. Open Settings and go to Developer Options.
  2. Now Search Simulate Color Space and open it.
  3. Select any filter Like → Monochromacy and which you want to set as per your Choice.
  4. Done it And Enjoy With it.

4. Controlling the Data Usage

Lots of Peoples are using the Internet in their Daily Life. But some people don’t know how to manage it and consume the data. Maybe you also don’t know about it. so, Guys, I am going to telling you how to manage or Controlling the Data Usage. YOu can Set your Data limit as per you requirement for a particular Day or particular Hour. If you have 1GB Data in your mobile Sim and you want to use it 10 or 12 Days then you control or manage it as per your choice how many data you want to use in a Day.and some time you use the internet and but your data will over and main balance will be charged for using the internet in this condition you set your data limit and save your main Balance in your sim.        


  1. Open Settings and Search Data Usage.
  2. After that open Data Usage And Set Mobile Data Limit.

5. Enable Higher Graphics Render option

This Trick only for Game lover because you can play High Graphics Games With the help of this Trick. So if you a Game lover then try this trick and enjoy High Graphic Games.Enable it By following the given steps Below. 


  1. Open Settings and go to Developer Options.
  2. Search and Enable Force 4x MSAA
  3. Enjoy…..

6. Using Google MAP Offline

Do you Know You can use Google Map Offline.? Google Map is a very Helpful Application in our Daily Life. sometimes we forgot the root when we walk in the new place then we can find the right root with the help of Google Map. I think 90% Android Users use Google Map For Finding a new place, Maximum Place is at on Google Map.But the lots of users think it maybe works when you online but that not true.it works offline also. So, friends, I am going to tell you how it is work offline, Just follow the Given Steps.


  1. Open Google Map On you Device.
  2. Now Search and Navigate the Location When you Want To Reached.
  3. Open the Sidebar and Click on Your Places.
  4. After that click on Select a new offline Map.
  5. Choose the name and Save Map.
  6. It will take few second to Download your Map Completely.
  7. After Downloading the Map You can Use it when you offline or Without Internet Connection.
  8. Enjoy.

7. Using the Power Button to End Call

Now I am going to tell you a common trick but it is very useful sometimes.Because Sometimes we are attending an important Meeting And busy with an important Work that time we can’t receive the call in this situation we can use this trick I mean we can use Power Button to End Call in this Situation.Because when you can’t pickup a call during attending Meeting then the Calling Person think you ignoring that. So use Power Button to End Call And the Person gets Busy Engaged. Just Follow the Given Steps And Enable This Feature and End The incoming Call With Power Button.


  1. Open Settings And Click on Accessibility 
  2. Search “Power Button Ends Call” And Enable It
  3. Enjoy ..

8. Sending And Receiving Your Android Sms On your PC

You Can Simply Access you SMS with your PC Just you Required the Following Apps And Follow Steps.


  1. First of all, Download AirDroid And Install It in Your Android Phone.
  2. After that Open Web.Airdroid.com On your PC.
  3. Now It will Show you a QR Code. Scan this code with your mobile App and Enjoy with Receiving And Sending SMS in your PC.

9. Reduce Battery Consumption

Do you Know? You can save your battery and increase your Smartphone Performance just using this Hidden Android Feature.you can try it just follow Given Steps.


  1. Open Settings And Go to Developer Option.
  2. Scroll the screen content and Find -> Window Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale, Transition Animation Scale.
  3. Now adjust the scale and set it at on .5x in all Options. 

10. Android Device Manager

This is an Awesome Hidden Android Feature. You can track you Device with the help of this Hidden Feature.whenever your device will be lost and Android Device Manager is Enabled then you can track you Android Device. That have more features also you can Beep your device and reset or erase all data from your device when your Device will lost. Just Follow given Steps And Enable It.


  1. Open Settings And go to Lock Screen And Security.
  2. After that click on Other Security Settings
  3. Now go to Device Administrators and Enable Android Device Manager

Final Words:

This post was About Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2017 and I hope you Like and Love This Post. If you want to know more about Hidden Android Features then drop a Comment in Comment Box. Guys Share this Post With Your Friends And Enjoy  Hidden Android Features. Bye Bye…