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Top 10 Websites || Cool Websites || Internet User Must Know 2019

The most amazing fact of the internet that it is completely full of Lots of websites. But you will find them on search. Otherwise, it is mysterious or unknown. Hello friends, so today we will tell you about those Top 10 Websites “most cool websites” that you should know.

Friends, do you know that we can use only 5% of the total internet which visible to us. And the other 95% internet is unvisible or Secret(Hidden) internet that is Dark Web.

Guys, We will tell you about the Dark Web In the next Article.  So, their lots of websites on visible internet. But Friends, The question arises. Which Websites are useful to us? Friends, you also do not worry. We are here to tell you also about the Most useful and cool websites for you.

Top 10 Websites That Useful and free


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This website is for those people who do photography very much. On their smartphone, DSLR, etc. And does editing. But many you see that when you remove the background of the image. It doesn’t remove properly and the photo looks bad. So we represent a website it is full free website. It removes the background of the image properly in just 5 seconds. And you can download your photo free from this website. Its one of the best from top 10 websites.


It is mostly useful for all people. Pastebin also one of the best site from top 10 websites Even your student, Employee, Teacher, etc. This website is also the most useful. For those people who do Programming. Simply friends, If you want to send some text or program code. As it is written then simply copy the code and paste it on This Site Create the link of the text. You can send this link to your friend to download the code. Friends if you want the code which you send will delete after some time. Then, guys, you can also create time for this code.


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If you want to be a hacker in just 5 seconds. Geektyper another best website that comes in the top 10 websites Friends this website can make you hacker in just 5 seconds. Actually, friends, this website is to do prank with your friends or anyone. Select any theme. Then type anything. Friends, it will automatically type hacking words. You can also check options by click on Help folder on your screen. Guys it is awesome website go and check it.


In we just discussed prank of hacking. But guys if you want to be a real hacker or programmer. Then you can easily learn programming and language free of cost on this website. You can learn any type of language like C++,  Python,  Java, and many more language free of cost. This is very cool and awesome site if you are a beginner or just studying in school. W3school one of the west cool Website that listed in top 10 websites.


Another one cool website that placed in top 10 websites. By the help of this website, you can read all the books free of cost. Just type the name of that book. And the PDF file of that book will be available. Download it free of cost. And read and enjoy:).


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Hey guys, If you are a blogger, Youtuber, etc. Then you always need Images without copyright. Which you can easily use on your Blog and Youtube Channel. You do not need to give any credit to this website. It also free of cost. you can use without copyright images from this cool website that one of the best cool website from top 10 websites.


Hey guys, This website going to be your favorite website. helps in making any kind of diagram. Dude, you can make any type of diagram with the help of this website. Even if you are an Engineer, Programmer, Architecture, or also student then this website is very helpful to you. This website is free of cost. Friends, you can make all the diagram, any type of diagram, it is all free. So, go now to make your diagram.

#8. A Good Movie To Watch

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There no doubt, We all addicted to watching the latest Hollywood, Bollywood Movies Free. But friends it is difficult to find on the internet that which is website will give you free movies to watch. You need not worry dude, Just search on google A Good Movie To watch then click on the first website. You will find lots of Movies there on this website. Or You can also search for your favorite movie. To watch it Free of cost there.

#9. The Moth

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Hey, bro’s, What is going on. If you love telling real-life stories. Or in listening to the real-life stories. Then you are going to love this website most. Containing lots of real-life incidents which peoples have experienced. You will find all kind of stories Horror to Love stories. Hey, dude, note that all stories are real on this website. It is also a very interesting website. Because this is a very cool website from the top 10 websites.

#10. This is my Website now

Friends if you also a working person like me. If you bored and you want to take a short break. But dude what you do in this short break? then go on this website. It contains lots of stuff of games. You can play short games to fresh your mood. In less than 10 minutes. This very useful and cool website. You can play those games on your any browser with this one of the best cool website that listed in top 10 websites.

The conclusion

we get bored in our everyday life. So Why not try something cool and interesting. Here we told about some very useful and cool websites. Guys note that each website is very useful. If you like this article then do comment and tell on which topic you want next article. Share it with your friends. Give this post a thumbs-up.

Enjoy 🙂

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