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Track Phone Call Location With Phone Tracker App Free

Hello, Friends Welcome to Learnhax again. In this article, we are going to discuss how to Track Phone Call Location with Phone Tracker App.

Friends I think in the modern era we all the people think one thing and face a very common problem. When an unknown person calls us or that tease us by calling Again And again. At that time we think about their name and location. And we think that if I know their location then beat him. So Friends in this technical era everything is possible. But you have to just learn how to track phone call location with phone tracker app. so friends after reading this article you can easily track phone call location by using phone tracker App.

In this article, we will discuss this problem. after reading this article you can learn how to track phone call location with phone tracker app. And you can find the location of unknown number very easily just in few steps only. This is a very important article for you. And when you track phone call location then that person will not know that you have track phone call location.

Phone tracking

What is meant by track phone call location???  Friends mobile tracking is a process in which we find out the location of the desired number and another information also of the desired phone number. It is not so easy but you can do in easy steps by reading this article. If you search on the internet how to track a phone number then you will find many of the ways to track phone call location. But many of them do not work. So we gave you a real process to track phone call location.

There are many ways to trace phone call location:-

  • Handset-based:- When mobile number location is tracked by a client software, which is installed in the handset. Then we can say this type of tracking is a Handset-based.
  • SIM Based:- When tracking of number location is done on the basis of SIM number then we call it SIM-based mobile tracking.
  • Wifi  Based:- WiFi data can also help in tracking a mobile phone number location with phone tracker app.
  • Hybrid Positioning System:-  It is a group of network-based and handset-based technology to track a mobile number location.
  • Network-based:-  When mobile number location is tracked by service provider’s network interface. Then that is called tracking of mobile number location by the network.

Best Android Phone Tracker Apps to Track Phone Call Location

Friends if anyone is teasing you by giving threats on phone call and demanding for something then by using these apps you can find him easily. Because these apps help you to track their location of the phone call. Don’t  worry,  by using these apps you can know the location of any call.

This application provides you Name of Person, City and State of Person, Sim manufacture company name and much more.


  • This is one of the most helpful and useful apps to trace any phone call. One of the most interesting things is that this app is free of cost. It is available on play store.

Download Glympse


  • There is no need to register or login to it.
  • It does not leak your information or your tracked locations.
  • You can use it by using 3G/4G data and WiFi also.
  • You can share location with this app.
  • It always run on your phone (when your device is locked)
  • There is no need to pay for this.

Steps To Use Glympse 

  1. First off open Play store and search Glympse. Find it and Install you can Install it from Here -> Glympse
  2. After Installation of Glympse open it. Select your country. If you want to register with Glympse enter your number otherwise Continues as Guest
  3. If you register with your number then it has to need verification, enter verification number and submit.
  4. Now it will show you your location. 
  5. Select a contact from your contact list to send your location which you want.

Enjoy With Glympse, track phone number of your friend and your family member with the help of this phone tracker application.


3.Real-Time GPS Tracker

  • Friends now I am going to tell one of the fantastic application available on Play-store,  so you can also use Real Time GPS Tracker app to track any of your desired numbers.Friends it is available on Google Play store free of cost and it works 100%.  If you want to download this, then just click on Google play store. You can download it from HERE  >>Real Time GPS Tracker <<. This application is awesome because it provides you a number of mind-blowing features.Download Real Time GPS Tracker

for example, your girlfriend’s or your friend’s mobile location by sending them a simple message, or you can also track them by just chatting with them, this app can be used very easily and works very quickly.

Final Words:

I hope you like these phone tracker apps. Here we described phone tracker apps to Track Phone Call Location free. if you find it useful, share with your friends.