How to Unlock Bootloader without PC || Unlock Android 2019

How To Unlock Bootloader Without PC and How to unlock Bootloader by Flashtool these two methods are described to unlock android. it’s a very interesting topic because some peoples want to unlock Android Phone to use some advanced feature that’s possible After the Root Android Phone. But How To Unlock Bootloader its a problem. Now Don’t worry I have a solution for you to Unlock Bootloader any Android Phone.

How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC.

Unlock Bootloader

As far as I know. you might be thinking that they have the bootloader. then I am telling you about Unlock Bootloader and there Unlocking Methods. Its a part of the process of Root Android or Unlock Android. Here I will describe specific methods to unlock the bootloader of some popular Manufacturers.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is a system program. We Have to Need Unlock Boot Bootloader when we want to Root Android or Unlock Android. Bootloader determines which applications are authenticating for your device. So we have to need to Unlock it for customizing our device. we have need manufacturers permission to unlock Bootloader After that we can unlock Android Phone.

Important Note:

After Unlock Bootloader You can root Android without PC But You might be void device warranty and have some risks are given Below.

  1. You have lost your device data ( media, contact, applications) You need to re-install all applications.
  2. Your Device security may be lost (“Device encryption”).
  3. The device can also be dead (physically or permanent damage).
  4. The Device may be lost some functions ( Playback function, Radio, Audio etc.)

You Can Do it at your Own Risk I am not responsible if you get any fault on your Device.

Procedure for How To Unlock Bootloader :

when we want to unlock Bootloader of Android then we have to need manufacturer permission then we get to unlock
the bootloader.

Here Some Manufacturers Developers link is given below to Unlock Bootloader.

How To Unlock Bootloader on Sony Mobiles:

If you are a Sony mobile users then you can try this method to unlock Bootloader of android. This is a simple method just follow the given Steps. First, you have to need to get the Unlock Code from Manufacturer.

How To Get Unlock Code to unlock Bootloader of Android Sony Mobile.

Unlock Android

  • Now verify your Email: just enter your email Address and submit.

  • When you submit your email it will show a notification An Email Successfully has been sent to your Email now proceed next step.

How to Set Android USB Debugging Mode 

  • Go to the Inbox of your email which you entered to get verify and found an email from Sony then see click to proceed and click it on.

  • After Proceed the last step you will get an Unlock Code now Note it or save it.


How to unlock Android by Flashtool

Flashtool is a powerful tool that unlocks your device which you want to unlock here I will you a method to unlock android device just follow the given steps and pre-required.

Pre Requirements:

You have to need Flashtool Download Flashtool and install it on your PC

Check your Device Bootloader Unlocking just dial *#*#7378423#*#*and navigate to “Service>” configure it will show “Bootloader unlock allow: Yes” then go to the given steps

Steps for Unlocking:

First of all, Install Flashboot 

Now install Flashboot Drivers and “adb

Power of the Device and enable it on flash mode. ( After Power of device press power and volume key just a few seconds and connect your device with PC via USB

See your IMEI on your display in new Window, copy IMEI no and “Get Unlock key” Don’t close the window.

Unlock Bootloader :

Complete the process and get Unlock Key

Now paste copied Unlock Key on Flashboot

Click on Unlock Bootloader

Now Your device Unlock successfully  

Check your Device Unlock or not just dial *#*#7378423#*#*and navigate to “Service>” configure it will show “Bootloader unlock: Yes”  it means your device unlock successfully.


Thanks for visiting. This article was about How to unlock bootloader and how to unlock Android Phone. I hope you understood every method and unlock an Android phone and enjoy with your device.