How to Unlock Forgotten Android Pattern lock without losing data

Hello and welcome back friends.I welcome you all to my website.Today I bring you an awesome trick that all of you will find important for you. This trick is all related to Unlock forgotten Android pattern lock.Yes, we talk about the same Android pattern lock that you, me and all of us usually uses in our androids to as a security to our personal data from others. Friends, let’s suppose you put a pattern lock on your Android phone that too difficult to remember for anyone so that someone other could not learn it easily.  And suppose you also forgot your pattern and your Android phone. In this case, what will you do? You will definitely to mobile repairing shop or a service center so that you can your android phone properly again.

Not only this friends, there could be many reasons which could be behind the need of the trick to unlock
forgotten android pattern lock without losing data. Sometimes parents need to open their child’s phone
or sometimes we forgot our pattern lock’s password or etc. There could be many reasons. So this trick is
important for every Android user. Not only for you, you can help others also.

            How to Unlock forgotten Android Pattern Lock

As we all know that we all have an Android phone and we are using it in our daily life.  It becomes a very important part of our daily life.  According to today date, we can not imagine our daily life without our phone.  In the same situation, if our phone gets locked and we forgot the pattern to unlock our phone again.  Then its obvious that we will go a mobile repairing shop or a service center to unlock it. But in that case, they will take your phone for some time. That could create disbalance in your busy life and where your Android phone plays an important role. And sometimes you could also your device’s data like your photos, contacts, message etc.

But with the trick which I am going to share with you can Unlock forgotten Android pattern lock without losing data. That means you need not to go to any mobile repairing shop or any service center. And because we all are using the Android phone in today date, so this trick is very helpful and important to all of us. Every Android user must know this trick. So that he/she could have better knowledge about his/her android phone and can save their money from wasting it on mobile repairing shops or service centers.


Requirements to unlock forgotten Android pattern  lock without losing data

Now we came to requirements to unlock forgotten android pattern lock without losing data. To proceed to the trick, you first need to fulfill these below-given requirements. You can not proceed forward.

  • First of all, you will need a Laptop or a computer with Windows Os or /Windows Operating  System.
  • Then you will need a USB cable that could connect your device to your PC or Laptop.
  • Installed your device’s  USB drivers in your PC or  Laptop. That you have to search on google.In simple words, you have to find your device’s USB drivers on Google.And then install it in your PC or laptop.
  • Then you will need flash custom recovery in your android phone. You can search for your device’s ash custom recovery in Google.
  • Then you will need Fastboot drivers in your PC or laptop. You can Download it by just clicking ADB_Fastboot-Win.

List of Required Files.

  • Adb.exe
  • AdbWinApi.dll
  • AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  • Fastboot.exe  

Step to Unlock  Forgotten Android Pattern lock Without losing data

Step 01: Install USB Drivers

First of all, you have to install your Android device’s USB drivers in your PC or laptop. You can search google for it. If you have successfully found that in google. Then install is in your PC or Laptop.Some device have their USB Drivers in their stock ROM (For Ex. Micromax  Unite2)

Then you have to download flash custom recoveries such as CWMTwrp, and Philz in your Android device.

Step 02: Open Recovery Mode

If you have successfully completed the above step, then you have to switch off the phone and open with ‘ Volume Down’ button at least 3 sec. Some Devices open their recovery mode by holding ‘Power Key button’  along with ‘Volume Up’. This procedure of opening recover mode can be different in the different android phone. So, if recovery mode is  not opening in your device by  these methods, then you comment your mobile model in the comment model in the comment area, We will provide the full  instruction and methods for “How to get Recovery Mode in Android Phone

Step 03: Select Recovery Path

If you have successfully get enter to your device’s recovery mode then you have to click on   ‘Mounts and Storage’ option. Please Note that your device’s touch will not work during recovery mode. You can press Volume+(plus) button and Volume – (minus) button to scroll down respectively. To any option, you have to press Power Button. Then just click on the ‘Mount/data /option.

Step 04: Install Fastboot

  • Now just download the Fastboot drivers in your PC or Laptop from Here. If you have successfully download it, then extract the Zip /Rar   File in your PC or Laptop.
  • Now the folder where you have extracted the Fastboot drivers. You will nd some of the files there.

Step 05: Open CMD(Command Window) And Unlock Pattern

  • After extract zip file press and hold Shift key in your keyboard and right click along with it anywhere in the folder.
  • Then click ‘Open Command and window here’option.
  • Now it will show you CMD Command window for ADB_Fastboot. It will appear on your PC’s or laptop’s screen.
  • After that, type ADB devices in Command window.This is to check whether your device is properly connected or not.
  • Now type ADB shell in Command window. And then press Enter and type rm/data/system/gesture.key.

  • Now Restart your phone from recovery mode. And you have done it.

So, these were the steps to forgotten Android pattern lock without losing data. I hope it will be helpful to you .with this we came to an end. Now its time for the final words.

Final words:  

As we are in the end of our today’s article So I want to think you all that you have visited my website. Visit here again for more updates. And I will welcome you again here with a new Article. And I Hope this Article Helpful for You.So You can Share This Article your Friends. Bye bye and have a charming day.